How to Create Self-Reported Demographics on your Survey using Demographic Questions

Have you ever wanted to track a demographic as as one-time occurrence for a Pulse Survey? Or give your employees (or any survey takers) an option to self-identify as a certain demographic?

You can give your survey takers the opportunity to self-report a demographic by creating a Demographic question in Pulse Survey.  Adding a demographic question to a survey allows your respondents to identify themselves as belonging to groups that you aren't already tracking. You can then slice and filter your data by their responses. 

You can add demographic questions to any Pulse Survey template. From within your template, click New Question and select the Demographic question type. Under Question Text, enter the question you would like your survey takers to answer. Under Analytics Label, add the name of the "demographic" you are asking so that you are better able to track responses to this question when viewing results. Fill out the responses to this question your survey takers should choose from under Choices.

Note: You are unable to convert multi-choice questions to demographic questions or vice versa once your survey has launched. In order to filter or slice your data by a response to a particular question, you must set that question up as a demographic question rather than a multi-choice question. 

Viewing Analytics for Demographic Questions

Within the Survey Analytics, you will be able to slice and filter your data by responses to any demographic question you include.  Use the Slice By and Filter For buttons to see how survey responses differed depending on how survey takers responded to the demographic question(s). 

Since demographic questions function like demographics that you track in Quantum Workplace (e.g. department or location), the responses to demographic questions will not appear in the Results with the other questions from your survey (e.g. responses to scaled agreement items, multi-choice questions, etc.) Instead, the demographic question will appear as an option to slice and filter your data by. 

Note:  The data from the demographic question you include on a survey will not be added anywhere in Quantum Workplace; this data will only be accessible within the survey that includes this demographic question.  We recommend that you update your employees' demographics within Quantum Workplace to include any demographics you may want to track in the future.