Will employees with secondary email addresses ever receive notifications from Quantum Workplace?

When you create Quantum Workplace accounts for your employees, you have the ability to include secondary (personal) email addresses. If you include secondary email addresses for your employees, they will receive email notifications at this address only if they have been invited to participate in an automatic Exit Survey AND if they are marked as inactive in Quantum Workplace.  

Here's how it works:

If you have an automated Exit Survey in place, any terminating employees who are detected within Quantum Workplace will receive an invitation or reminder to participate in your Exit Survey. If they are marked as an active user in Quantum Workplace at the time that the invitation or reminder to take the survey is sent out, this email will send to their work email address only. However, if they are marked as inactive in Quantum Workplace, the invitation or reminder will be sent to both their work email address and their secondary email address.