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What does "Restricted for Confidentiality" mean?


We temporarily adjusted our Engagement Survey confidentiality restrictions in Fall 2019 per the below situations. We have removed these confidentiality restrictions, so you will no longer see the Restricted for Confidentiality message in your Engagement Survey data. 

If you surveyed in Fall 2019, you may have seen a message that a certain slice had been “Restricted for Confidentiality”.  We temporarily put this confidentiality measure in place for instances in which one single demographic in a slice only had one person invited to take the survey. In other words, we restricted visibility into a specific slice to protect confidentiality in cases where out of all of the demographics in the slice, one of the demographics only has one person invited to take the survey. We do not restrict data when two or more demographics have only one person invited to take the survey or if more than one person from every demographic was invited to take the survey.  

As an example, let's imagine that you are viewing data for a team that has 5 men and 1 woman. In the past, if you sliced by gender, you would be able to see both an overall favorability and an average favorability for men. Because you had fewer than five women respond to the survey, you would see an "Insufficient Results" message instead of the average favorability for women. We believe this was less than ideal, since by seeing both the overall favorability and the men's favorability, you could calculate how the woman responded. 

Now if were to apply this slice, you would not be able to see data for either group.

Note: This new rule only takes effect when there is a single demographic group that only has one person invited to take the survey. That is, if you are viewing results for a team with 5 men and 2 women, but only one woman takes the survey, you will still be able to slice by gender to see the men’s average results. Similarly, if you're slicing by department and you have multiple departments with only one person in them, you will still be able to see that data.