The Response Rate Report

The Response Rate report shows the percentage of survey participants who have submitted their survey.

The Response Rate report in Surveys & Pulses Analytics displays the percentage of survey-takers who have completed (submitted) their surveys and the completion rate over time; it is available to view as soon as your survey launches so that you can track the completion rate for your survey in real time.  You can access the Response Rate report by clicking the Response Rate tab. 

On the response rate report, you will see the following information:

1.  A graph displaying the percent completion rate for your survey over time
2. The number of participants who have been invited to take the survey
3.The number of surveys that have been completed so far
4. Your current response rate

As with all data in your Surveys & Pulses Analytics, completed surveys will be reflected in the count shown in the Response Rate report within one minute of submission.

How to Slice and Filter the Response Rate Report

In addition to viewing the response rate for your survey overall, you can slice your data by different demographic groups (e.g. departments) to see how the response rate varies between different groups.

To slice your response rate, click the Slice By button in the top left corner and select the slice you would like to apply:

Once you have selected a slice, a chart will appear below the main response rate graph displaying the response rate for every group in that demographic:


If you would like to see the response rate graph for a particular group in that demographic (e.g. the sales department), you can then apply a filter for a specific demographic group while keeping your slice applied.

This will render a graph showing the percentage of completed surveys over time for the specific demographic group(s) that you have filtered to: