How to Reschedule a 1-on-1

Learn how to reschedule 1-on-1s as individual instances and those part of an automated series.

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Reschedule a 1-on-1

Reschedule a 1-on-1 with a colleague to update the meeting date and time.

To reschedule an existing scheduled 1-on-1:

  1. Open the 1-on-1 to be rescheduled 
  2. Click Reschedule This 1-on-1 
  3. Under When, click the current date to select the new date for the 1-on-1
  4. Under Duration, click the drop-down if the duration should be adjusted
  5. Click Save

Email invitations with the updated time, date, and duration are sent to each participant upon clicking Save. 

Reschedule a Recurring 1-on-1

Reschedule a Recurring 1-on-1 Instance

Rescheduling a 1-on-1 instance as part of a recurring series only affects the 1-on-1 instance. Following 1-on-1s will still launch according to the original schedule. 

All resulting email notifications will reflect the updated schedule.

Learn how to reschedule all 1-on-1s in a recurring series.

To reschedule a recurring 1-on-1 instance:

  1. Open the recurring 1-on-1 from the 1-on-1 homepage 
  2. Click Reschedule This 1-on-1 to expand the reschedule fields
  3. Update the When and Duration fields as necessary
  4. Click Save

Reschedule a Recurring 1-on-1 Series

Rescheduling a series affects the launch date of all future 1-on-1s in the series.

All resulting email notifications will reflect the updated schedule.

To reschedule a recurring 1-on-1 series: 

  1. From the 1-on-1s homepage, in the Recurring Check-ins card click the⋮ icon for the corresponding recurring 1-on-1 participant
  2. Click Edit Series
  3. Scroll to the date picker and specify the updated date, time, and duration
  4. Click Update