Recognition Analytics

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Overview of Recognition Analytics
Navigating the Excel Export

Overview of Recognition Analytics

Recognition Analytics provides Admins with information on the number and type of recognition badges that have been awarded throughout the organization and provides managers with information on the recognition that has been given and received by their downline reports. For Focused Admins, Recognition Analytics displays all recognition that has been given and received by employees within their Administration scope. The Excel export in Recognition Analytics provides the exact text that was included in each recognition, the demographics of the employees who gave and received the recognition, and the comments and "likes" that were associated with each recognition. 

To view Recognition Analytics, click the Analytics in the left navigation menu and select Recognition
Accessing Recognition Analytics

Within Recognition Analytics, the top chart will show you the number of Recognition that has been given by your scope (if you're an Administrator) or your downline (if you're a manager), broken out by badge type. The chart below will show you the count of each type of Recognition badges that have been received by your downline or scope.

If you are both an Admin and a manager, you will be able to toggle between viewing data for the organization overall and your downline only from the top right corner of the screen:


Navigating the Excel Export

For a more detailed view into your Recognition data, download the Excel export:

The Excel spreadsheet displays the names and demographics of the employees who have given and received information broken out by the recognition posts they are associated with, all comments associated with the recognition posts, and information about which employees have liked and commented on recognition. 

The first two tabs will include a row for every recognition post; you will be able to see the date of the recognition, the text that the employee who gave the recognition entered, and the badge that was awarded. The first tab will include demographics for the employee who received the recognition, while the second tab will include demographics for the employee who gave the recognition.

Every recognition includes a unique Post ID so that you can easily find the comments and likes that are associated with it from the Comments and Likes tabs.