Quick Survey Launch Guide: Recommended Timeline

A guide for a successful survey launch on a shorter timeline.

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Quantum Workplace can launch a survey within three weeks if needed.

Quantum Workplace requires 10 business days after receiving final requirements, assuming English-only Signature service.

Additional points to note:

  • If the Signature Plus or Premium package is purchased, an additional week is needed prior to building the survey for survey design 
  • If a survey will be administered in a language other than English, an additional week is needed prior to building the survey for translations

Checklist for a Successful Launch

While Quantum Workplace prepares your survey, the following are some points for your organization to consider and act on for a successful survey experience. 

  • Determine who is in charge of managing the survey implementation for your organization
    • This person will need to set time aside each week to prepare for the survey launch
  • Meet with your IT team to understand what is required to pull an employee demographic file from your HRIS, learn more about required and supplemental demographics in Quantum Workplace
    • Other points to consider: 
      • Will your HRIS ensure quality employee data as it currently operates 
      • Do you require additional KPI demographic data that is not currently captured with your HRIS 
  • Prepare an internal communication plan for the survey announcement, learn more about pre-survey communication best practices
  • Begin discussions with necessary leaders to get sign-off on survey questions, see Quantum Workplace's recommended engagement survey questions
  • Consider how employees will receive their survey invitations; possible options include: 
    • Unique password, or Custom Access, via kiosk
    • Employee ID via kiosk
    • SMS Text Messaging (additional fee)

Quick Survey Launch Timeline 

  • Contract is signed 
  • 2-4 business days from contract signing: Welcome call 
  • 0-2 business days from Welcome call: Implementation call 
  • 0+ business days from Implementation call: Delivery of finalized requirements, see what's included in the finalized requirements 
    • Days 1-5 from requirements delivered: Quantum Workplace runs survey Quality Analysis checks, this can be as few as two days if using standard survey content
    • Days 1-4 from Quality Analysis: Customers review and confirm outstanding items from the Quality Analysis check 
  • 10 business days from final requirements delivered: Survey launch 

Finalized Requirements

Finalized requirements include: 

  • An employee demographic file with employeeID, email address, managerID, username, and any other demographics to view the data by
  • Survey content approved by your internal stakeholders 
  • Content for survey invitations and reminder emails 
  • If applicable, content for 'About this Survey' and 'Custom Access Instructions'