Quarantining Comments

This feature is currently in BETA.

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In rare circumstances, an employee may leave a survey comment that risks doing more harm than good. This can include threats of violence, abusive language, sharing sensitive information, etc.

In these situations, quarantining a comment may be necessary to protect your organization and your employees. 

Note: this feature is currently in BETA. To quarantine comments, contact your CSM to enable this feature. This feature is only available to Full Administrators. Focused Admins and non-admin users cannot quarantine comments.

How to Quarantine Survey Comments

When viewing your survey's analytics, navigate to the Comments tab.

Identify the comment you want to hide and click the corresponding icon. Next, click Quarantine this Comment.

This will open a pop-up. In the text field, enter the reason for quarantining this comment. Next, click Quarantine Comment. 

Quantum Workplace monitors quarantine behavior for possible abuse. 



Quarantined comments will not be included in survey analytics or Excel/PDF exports. 

How to Access Quarantined Comments

If your survey has at least one comment quarantined, admins will see an indicator in the Comments Count card. Click the [x] quarantined indicator for a filtered view of all quarantined comments for the particular survey. 

You can interact with quarantined comments the same way you interact with other comments. This includes filters, searches, and PDF and Excel exports. 

To reset your Comments view, click and disable the Quarantined filter. 

How to Remove a Comment from Quarantine

When viewing Quarantined comments, click the corresponding icon and click Remove From Quarantine.

You can optionally enter a reason for removing the comment from quarantine.