Quantum Workplace-Recommended Manager Access Role

The recommended and default settings for the Manager access role.

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Managers play a critical role in driving employee engagement in your organization. When managers acknowledge and value employee input through action, it enhances engagement, performance, and retention. We believe in creating a simple and easy experience for managers that guides them on how their team can take action on team feedback.

Follow these recommendations for manager access to make this a reality in your organization. These recommendations are set as the default for the automatically generated Manager access role.

Learn more about assignments and access roles.

Note: You can test and preview a manager's survey access before their access is live, learn more.

Survey Reports & Action Planning

The Manager access role's default and recommended settings for access to survey reports and action planning:

  • Access to the Questions and Category reports is automatically enabled
  • All managers should have access to Action Planning
  • Access to the Comments report is dependent on your organization's maturity
    • Alternatively, use the Smart Summary feature to easily generate comment summaries that provide managers with key takeaways without having to grant visibility to each comment
  • Access to the Heat Map and Engagement Levels report are not recommended to better focus a manager's time on reviewing their team's results and action planning

Other Analytics Features

The Manager access role's default and recommended settings as configured on the Access Roles tab under Access Settings:

  • View Invited Participants: Leave this option disabled as managers do not to view a survey's invited participants
  • Benchmarks: Leave this option disabled as managers can still compare results to the organization overall, where we recommend they focus, rather than external benchmarks
  • Demographics: Do not give managers access to personal demographics, i.e. age, gender, etc.
    • The default for demographics selected in the Manager role reflects the demographics set to Everyone, learn more
  • Users Can View: By default, managers have visibility into their downline and limited overall, learn more