Quantum Workplace-Recommended Engagement Survey Questions

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Using the following survey questions(items) will give you benchmark data to understand how your organization's strengths & opportunities compare to other organizations. You will also receive a high-impact analysis to help determine which survey questions have the most significant impact on engagement in your organization. 

If you have an Insights package, you also have access to coaching from our experts on our best practices.

Engagement Survey Questions

To get the greatest value out of your engagement survey, we recommend using all or most of the following questions. Keep in mind that you can make slight edits to the wording of questions and add other questions relevant to engagement factors, i.e. change management, safety, etc. 

Quantum Workplace recommended questions:
  • I recommend this organization as a great place to work.

  • I am proud to work here.

  • It would take a lot to get me to leave this organization.

  • My immediate coworkers consistently go the extra mile to achieve great results.

  • My immediate coworkers are committed to this organization's overall goals.

  • I feel accepted by my immediate coworkers.

  • I am inspired by the work we do.

  • I find my work engaging.

  • My work motivates me.

  • My job allows me to utilize my strengths.

  • When the organization makes changes, I understand why.

  • I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job.

  • I have the information I need to do my job well.

  • My opinions seem to count at work.

  • I know how I fit into the organization's future plans.

  • I understand how my job helps the organization achieve success.

  • I understand the organization's plans for future success.

  • I believe this organization will be successful in the future.

  • Our culture supports my health and wellbeing.

  • My job gives me the flexibility to meet the needs of both my work and personal life.

  • The benefits offered here meet my and my family's needs.

  • I am paid fairly.

  • If I contribute to the organization's success, I know I will be recognized.

  • I clearly understand how my performance is measured.

  • My immediate manager cares about me as a person.

  • My immediate manager cares about my development.

  • The people I work with treat each other with respect.

  • I know I can depend on the other members of my team.

  • Goals and accountabilities are clear to everyone on my team.

  • The senior leaders of this organization demonstrate integrity.

  • I trust our senior leaders to lead the organization to future success.

  • The senior leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource.
  • I have opportunities to learn new skills that will help me succeed.
  • I have opportunities for advancement or promotion at this organization.
  • My immediate manager regularly coaches me on my job performance.
  • I trust this organization to be fair to all employees.
  • Senior leadership is prepared to effectively manage a diverse workforce.
  • I am included in decisions that affect my work.
  • I feel like I belong here.