Survey Email Notifications

The email notifications that your employees will receive as part of a survey are detailed below.  For the invitation email and all reminder emails, Admins have the option to customize the body of the email.  Employees will only receive the reminder email if they have not completed the survey by the date that the reminder email is sent.

The email notifications in this guide are for organizations that have enabled the new survey creator (BETA). Contact your Customer Success Manager to get access to the new survey creator, and click here to preview email notifications if your organization is not using the new survey creator.  

Invitation Email
Reminder Emails
Survey Close
Manager Analytics

Invitation Email

Employees will receive an Invitation email when the cycle launches, and you can also resend invitations to any survey taker while the survey is open.  If you do not add a custom message to the body of your Invitation Email, this email will include our default language that the survey is now open and display the deadline for completing it. The email closes with the employee's link to take the survey.


If you added a custom invitation message (via the Schedule section where you select your Open Date) the  text of that custom message will appear under the salutation, in lieu of the statement that the survey is now open.



Reminder Emails

Employees who have not yet completed the survey will receive reminder emails on the date(s) that you have scheduled reminder emails to be sent. 

If you did not customize the text of your reminder email(s), but instead used the default "Reminder Message" language provided by our platform, the reminder emails will appear as below: 



If you added a custom reminder message, that message will appear in the body of the email instead of the default reminder message. 

Survey Close Notification

The Admin user who created the survey will receive an email notification on the date that the survey has closed. 
Survey closed notification-1

Manager Analytics Notification

If an Admin at your organization has enabled manager analytics for a survey and has scheduled managers to receive access to the analytics on a particular date, any managers who had employees in their downline invited to take the survey will receive an email notification on that date. The exception to this rule is that if you have specified that managers should  have visibility into their downline results only (as opposed to having a limited view into their organization and upline results as well), then managers who did not meet the minimum response threshold for a confidential survey will not have any data to view and will therefore not receive an email notification. 

Managers who receive access to results for attributed surveys or who had enough downline reports take the survey to view their team's results for a confidential survey will receive the below email notification.

Manager Analytics available (met min n(-1

Managers who did not get a sufficient number of responses to view results, but who do have visibility into data for the organization overall or for their upline, will receive the following email notification. 
MA email didnt meet min n