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Profile Report

Overall Score provides an overall engagement score based on our standard 30 items on a 100 point scale.

  • Size Benchmarks are compiled from regional data.
  • Industry Benchmarks are compiled from national data.
Engagement Profiles bucket your employees into four groups:
Disengaged (1.0 - 2.9) employees are negative; they are probably disruptive with their concerns. Their critique goes beyond healthy feedback and is not submitted with the intent to build a stronger workplace. These individuals are rare. And they are likely hindering the productivity of others.
Barely Engaged (3.0 - 3.9) employees display an indifferent attitude toward their workplace. Sometimes they are neutral throughout the survey. Other times their engagement score is the result of polarized perceptions of the survey dimensions (e.g. very high scores for trust but very low scores for manager effectiveness). Either way, this group lacks the motivation to perform optimally and is at-risk for retention.
Moderately Engaged (4.0 - 4.9) employees are moderately favorable towards the overall workplace experience, but something is holding them back from full engagement. This group should be seen as latent opportunity for additional commitment and productivity.
Highly Engaged (5.0 - 6.0) employees are highly favorable across all engagement dimensions. They are advocates; they intend to stay; and they lead with their discretionary effort.

Change the Layout (at the top) to compare the score and profile to External benchmarks, Subgroup vs. Total Company if the filter is set, or vs. Prior Years (if applicable).