Pre-loaded Demographic FAQs

PRE-LOADED Demographics FAQs

Why should I pre-load my demographics?

  •          For every demographic you upload we will remove that question from the survey. Having a shorter survey will save your employees time. 
  •          For report purchasers: When slicing and filtering your data you won’t have to worry about employees selecting the wrong demographic or having un-selected demographics 
  •          If you upgrade to Insight Plus you can upload a custom department/function list as well as position level

What is the fastest way for me to match your demographics to mine?

  • Download our Vlookup How To here
  • All demographics need to match the template exactly. This means even spelling, grammar, and case do need to match.

What will happen when I pre-load my demographics?

  •          For every demographic uploaded that question will be removed from the employee’s survey

What will happen if I don’t pre-load my demographics?

  •          Nothing, you can just upload employees names and email addresses and have your employee self-select their demographics on the survey.

What if I leave one demographic bank because I don’t have that for my employee?

  •          That question will show on the survey to be self-selected

How do I change my birth dates or hire dates to a number?