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Post-Survey Thank-You Message

We suggest sending a thank you to all employees with your final response rate and next steps the week after your survey closes. Here is a template for you to follow.

To: All Employees
From: Top Leadership
Subject: Thanks for participating in our Employee Engagement Survey!

Thanks for participating in our Employee Engagement Survey!

The Employee Engagement survey is now closed. Our final participation rate was ##%. Thank you for your participation and sincerity. Your feedback is an invaluable tool for this organization’s success.

What’s Next?

Quantum Workplace has collected the completed surveys and will begin compiling the results. Below are the next two updates you will receive:

  • Results Overview: In the next two weeks, leadership will send a short memo to every employee sharing our organization’s top three and bottom three survey items.
  • Detailed Results: Within one to two months, leadership will share detailed results via email and an all-company meeting. Brief, brainstormed action plans will also be discussed.

Thanks again for your sincere participation! Your feedback will help make our organization a great place to work.

Anna Awesome, CEO