Understanding Point-in-Time Survey Demographics

The Surveys & Pulses tool utilizes point-in-time demographics, meaning that Survey Analytics will reflect employee demographic data at the time that the survey launch was scheduled.

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When viewing the analytics for a survey, the demographic data for your employees reflects the data at the moment the survey was scheduled and maintains the point-in-time data for future surveys. 

For example, if an employee was promoted to a different role following a survey, the initial survey will still reflect the employee's role at the time they took the initial survey. 

Please note: employee demographics are not captured for survey-takers using a public survey link.

The rest of this article details how point-in-time demographics work with the different types of surveys available with Quantum Workplace.

Single & Pulse Surveys

For Single & Pulse Surveys, the employee demographic information is captured and locked in when the survey is created and scheduled to launch. The demographic information captured at this time will be reflected in the Analytics. 

This is the final step of the survey creator, when you click Schedule Survey or Launch Survey, depending on when you schedule the survey. 

Automated Recurring Surveys

For Automated Recurring Surveys, the employee demographic information is captured and locked in seven days before the recurring survey launches and invitations are sent to participants.

Automated New Hire and Exit Surveys

For Automated Surveys, the employee demographic information is captured and locked in at the moment each survey participant's invitation is delivered.

In other words, demographics for each individual survey taker will be locked in the moment the system sends out their survey invitation, regardless of whether that survey taker is added in automatically by the system based on their hire or exit date, or manually added in by an Admin. 

Surveys that selected Invite Immediately or Send Invite on Specific Date will also lock in demographic information when the survey invite is sent.

    Updating Incorrect Demographics

    If there are any errors with your employee demographic information in Quantum Workplace, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.