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Overview of Survey Results Announcement

So you've gotten your survey results, now what? For many, an overview email is the simplest way to communicate results to a wide group of people, but doing it the right way can sometimes be tricky.

  • Stay broad. Your results overview email should only relay common organizational trends. Save results specific to certain groups for team meetings.
  • Avoid sharing only survey positives and omitting obvious organizational weaknesses in your basic memo may result in a loss of credibility and respect.
  • Be timely. This communication should be sent out within a week of receiving your results.

We highly recommend sending an email with high-level results within two weeks reviewing your survey results to all employees. Here is a template for you to follow.

To: All Employees
From: Top Leadership
Subject: Our 2020 Employee Engagement Survey results are in!

Thanks again to those who participated in our 2020 Employee Engagement Survey!

[Organization] Survey Results

Overall, we received a wealth of great feedback from the majority of our employees. We will continue to pour through the data, but for now, we wanted to showcase a few key highlights.

In analyzing the overall company results and implementing solutions, we will focus on key areas, both positive and negative, to ensure that we continue to make [Organization] a great place to work.

The three key areas you rated highest: [Update the list below with your top three categories.]

  • Trust with Coworkers
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Teamwork

The three key areas you rated lowest: [Update the list below with your bottom three categories.]

  • Benefits
  • Feeling Valued
  • Manager Effectiveness

Next Steps

We will continue to review the results and discuss steps to increase engagement.  In the upcoming months, I will send out detailed information on our survey results and brainstormed action plans for improvement.

Beginning next week, an online reporting and action planning tool provided by Quantum Workplace will be rolled out to managers with five or more employees who completed the survey. Results from teams with fewer than five respondents are rolled up to the next manager’s level to protect confidentiality. The reporting tool will allow managers to compare their team’s results to the rest of [Organization]. Your manager will communicate your individual team’s responses to you.

Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to working with you to build an ever better place to work.