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What is the Org Tree?

The Org Tree is an optional feature that provides employees with a visual representation of the manager hierarchy in the organization.

The Org Tree is an optional feature that provides all  employees with an expandable chart showing the manager hierarchy within the organization. Once the Org Tree has been enabled for an organization by an Admin, employees can access the org tree at any time via their navigation menu. 

Access Org Tree from left nav menu

As an Admin user, you can turn this feature on and off via General Settings in Administration. Under Org Tree Access, check the box next to Enable Org Tree to turn this feature on for your company.

Once open, Org Tree shows the person at the top of your organization's manager hierarchy (e.g., your President or CEO) and each of their direct reports (e.g. the Senior Leadership Team).
Org Tree top

Employees can click on the people icon under each Senior Leader to view their direct reports.
Org tree wide-1

The Org Tree expands in this manner; users can click on the people icon to reveal each management level's direct reports: 

Org Chart Expand 1 level-1

To return to the original view of the Org Tree with the CEO and Senior Leadership team, click Top.

Return to Top Org Chart