October 7th, 2019 | Benchmarks in Pulse


Benchmarks in Pulse now in Beta

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Benchmarks are now available for Pulse Survey!

For any survey question from our library of best practices, you can now get benchmark data just as you would for your Engagement Survey. Benchmarks allow you to compare your organization’s responses to your industry’s average and to organizations of a similar size. It’s now that much easier to track how your organization’s engagement compares to your peers, year-round.

Vitals Calibration

As part of your talent review process, you may need to gather your people leaders in a room to discuss sensitive information about employee performance. It’s much easier to have these conversations if you are able to “hide” the Vitals scores of anyone who needs to be a part of the discussion, such as your leaders and HR team.

You can now easily hide Vitals for anyone in your organization by turning on the “calibration mode” and selecting the individuals whose Vitals you do not want to display. Vitals scores for anyone you select will remain hidden until you confirm that you want to turn off the calibration mode to help ensure you don’t accidentally display Vitals for anyone during your meeting. 


Interactive Survey Preview

Have you ever wanted to test out a Pulse Survey template you’ve created to know exactly what your survey-takers will see?

With our improved survey preview, you’ll be able to view and “take” a survey you’ve created before you send it out. Your survey preview will be completely interactive; you’ll be able to do everything your survey takers can do short of submitting your survey. If you’ve set up survey logic in order to trigger a new question to appear based on the survey taker’s response to an earlier question (what we call response-based rules), you’ll be able to see that flow, too.

Simply click the "Preview Template" button to begin.

Engagement Survey Confidentiality

When slicing your Engagement Survey data, you may now see a message that the data is “Restricted for Confidentiality." If you see this message, it means one of the demographic groups in the slice only had one person invited to take their survey, so we’ve made this slice inaccessible to protect their confidentiality.  

🔨 Fixed

Goal Conversation Booster: We made it easier to update goals as part of the Goal Conversation Booster. Now you can update your goal directly in your 1-on-1. 🎉

Feedback: We fixed a glitch within Feedback that was allowing some managers to see cycles they shouldn’t have access to via the People Search function. đźš«

Vitals: We squashed a bug that was preventing the edit history of Vitals from showing when Vitals providers didn’t leave comments. 🧙