October 22nd, 2019 | Feedback Conversation Booster


Feedback Conversation Booster in BETA
Feedback Booster within 1-on-1

Honest feedback is critical to professional growth, but that doesn't mean that acting on feedback is always easy. When employees receive feedback from multiple voices, they need to hone in on the most important insights from the feedback and identify tangible next steps to take.

To help facilitate conversations about feedback, we’ve made it possible for employees and their managers to add the results of a recent Feedback session into their 1-on-1 so that both parties can review the Feedback that the employee has received and work together to decide on next steps.

With the Feedback Conversation Booster enabled, Admins will be able to add the Feedback Conversation Booster into a 1-on-1 template to ensure that any recent Feedback an employee has received is a topic of conversation in their 1-on-1.   

Additionally, employees and managers both have the option to add the Feedback Conversation Booster into their 1-on-1 even if the Booster isn't included in the template.

This feature is in BETA. Please contact your CSM to get early access to the Feedback Conversation Booster.

Agenda Booster 

Going into any 1-on-1, managers and employees both want to know that they’re maximizing their in-person time. 

Enter the Agenda Booster: an agenda builder for 1-on-1s that helps managers and employees plan out their meeting and ensure that all critical topics are covered.


The Agenda Booster allows employees and managers to collaborate on a tentative agenda before their in-person discussion.

Either the manager or the employee can add the Agenda Booster to the 1-on-1 at any point-- either before or after sharing their responses. Once you’ve added the Agenda Booster, you can reorder, edit, and delete topics at any time in order to update your agenda. The other person in your 1-on-1 can also add to the agenda you’ve provided and reorder items as needed. 


Shareable Links for Attributed Pulse Surveys

Shareable link

📢 You asked and we delivered! We’ve heard from several customers that wanted to create generic, shareable links for Pulse Surveys without requiring that the survey be confidential. Now you can create a shareable pulse survey link regardless of whether the survey is confidential or attributed.

This can facilitate a suggestion box, an award nomination process, or any situation in which it’s helpful to share or post a link that anyone can use to take a survey.

Filter by Permissions in User Management

filter permissions

As an Admin, there may be times when you want to easily see who at your company is an Admin or Focused Admin and discern which employees have access to specific features in Quantum Workplace.

From the User Management page in Administration, you can now filter by permissions to more easily see your Admin users or to verify which subsets of your population have access to Goals, 1-on-1s, Feedback, or Recognition.


Pulse Analytics:  You can now apply slices within your response rate report to view the response rate by any demographic. 📈

Large organizations were experiencing long loading times when exporting goals. We have sped up this process so that you can get your goals faster. ⏩⏩

Automated Cycles: 
Within the Automation tab for Pulse Surveys, Feedback, and 1-on-1 cycles that are based on hire or exit date, you can now see exactly how many respondents are invited to participate in the current cycle. 👍🔄