Notification Preferences

From the Notifications tab in Account Settings, users can specify the format in which they prefer to receive notifications in Quantum Workplace

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Within the Notifications tab, determine your notification settings for Quantum Workplace activity. 

Learn how to customize where notifications are sent, how often they're sent, and what is included in your notifications. 

How to Access Your Notifications Settings

To access and customize your notifications:

  1. Click and expand the drop-down menu of your account in the top right corner
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click the Notifications tab

The Notifications tab is separated into three sections

Notification Delivery

Under Notification Delivery, select the applications where you would like to receive notifications. At least one option must be selected.

Options include:

  • Email 
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

To receive notifications via Slack and/or Microsoft Teams, your organization must have an established integration between Quantum Workplace and Slack/Microsoft Teams. 

If you selected either Slack or Microsoft Teams and deselected Email, you will still receive email notifications for any event that can't be delivered via Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

Notification Frequency

Under Notification Frequency, select how often you would like to receive notifications. 

The options include: 

  • All Activity Updates- all notifications are sent immediately 
  • Daily Email Summary- non-time sensitive notifications are sent 

By default, all Quantum Workplace users are opted into the Daily Email Summary that condenses non-time sensitive notifications from Quantum Workplace into a single email email delivered overnight. 

If you prefer separate email notifications for every event in Quantum Workplace, select All Activity Updates and click Save All Preferences.

Weekly/Monthly Email Summaries

Under Weekly/Monthly Email Summaries, select each summary to opt in or out for. 

The options include: 

  • Recognition Summary
  • Goal Check In Reminder 
  • Goal Summary 

Your organization determines when the selected summaries are sent and with what frequency. 

Select each option you wish enabled and click Save All Preferences.