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My Engagement Report FAQs

What is the ME Report?
How does the ME Report work? 
What are the advantages of the ME Report? 
Is the ME Report recommended for all organizations? 
Should let our employees know about the ME report before they take the survey?
Can we customize the ME Report? 

What is the ME Report? 

The ME Report, or My Engagement Report, is a personalized summary of a survey taker's responses on the survey that appears at the end of the survey once an employee has submitted their responses.  It provides your employees with immediate feedback on their engagement with your organization (e.g., areas that they rated the highest and lowest on the survey) and provides some suggested actions employees can take to improve their own work experience based on the items that they rated the lowest on the survey. The report is confidential for all employees. Employees will have the option to download or email themselves a copy of the report.  Click here to view an example ME report.

After employees submit their employee engagement survey, the next web page they see describes the ME Report. This page emphasizes that the ME Report is confidential and instructs
employees to save the ME Report as a PDF or email it to themselves for future reference.
Unless utilizing the Pulse platform, the ME Report is not retrievable once an employee has exited out of it, so employees will not be able to access the ME Report again if they close out of their web browser without saving or emailing the report.

How does the ME Report work?

The ME Report is a communication tool that provides employees with suggestions for how they can improve their engagement as an individual and a team. Quantum Workplace will automatically turn on the ME Report for your survey takers unless you request to not use it.

Once your survey launches, employees will see their personalized report once they submit their Web survey. The top of the report that thanks employees for participating in the survey will be the same on employee’s report. The bottom of the report that explains why engagement is important and describes what happens next in relation to employee engagement will also be the same on every employee’s report. However, the middle of the report will be unique to the employee, based on how he or she responded to the scaled agreement survey items: 

  • The report will list categories of survey items that the employee rated highest (most favorably) and lowest (least favorably). 
  • The "Ideas to Make an Impact" section of the report is determined by the survey
    items that the employees rated least favorably. Each item (question) on the survey has an associated Quick Impact, so the 3 Quick Impacts  associated with the 3 survey items that an employee rated the lowest will be displayed on their ME Report. 

What are the advantages of the ME Report? 

While employee feedback continues to be collected during the survey, the ME Report bridges the gap before organizations send a Post-Survey Thank You Message once the survey closes or before results are communicated. The ME Report thanks your employees for participating in the survey, reiterates why engagement is important, explains high-level next steps with survey data, and provides tips for improving their own engagement, all immediately after they participate.

The ME Report also promotes the philosophy that every employee plays a role in creating an engaged workforce, not just leaders and managers. Every employee can identify barriers to his/her personal engagement and take action to address those barriers.

Is the ME Report recommended for all organizations? 

Yes! The vast majority of our customers find the ME Report beneficial, regardless of which industry they're in or how many years as an organization they have been measuring employee engagement. 
However, you can choose to disable the ME report by confirming with your Customer Success Manager that you do not want to utilize it prior to your survey launch.

Organizations that have chosen not to use the ME Report often do so because they have positioned Employee Engagement as a leadership or manager initiative in the past and want a year to evolve their internal philosophy.

Note: The ME Report is only available for online surveys. 

Should we let our employees know about the ME report before they take the survey?

We recommend that organizations mention the ME Report to their employees as part of their pre-survey communications. If your employees are expecting to receive the report when they complete the survey, they're more likely to read and/or save the report before exiting out of their browser. 

Can we customize the ME Report?

The “What happens with the survey results” section represents the next steps that Quantum Workplace recommends to ensure that employees and teams take action as a result of the survey. If
you need to customize these bullets, please contact your Customer Success Manager before you finalize your survey content  for your Engagement Survey.