March 31st, 2023 - Release Notes

Engagement for Teams, Keyword Detection

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NEW! Engagement for Teams

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Managers have a lot on their plate and sometimes employee engagement can feel like just another task to check off the list. Quantum Workplace is introducing Engagement for Teams: a bundle of engagement and performance features designed to empower managers and employees to act on their survey results. 

With the use of the following features managers will move quickly from reading and understanding their results, to discussing and acting on them with their team. 

  • New Team Report 
  • Action Planning 
  • My Engagement Report 
  • Lightweight 1-on-1s

Learn more about engagement for teams

Lightweight 1-on-1s are in BETA  -- reach out to Customer Success to see if you are eligible to get Lightweight 1-on-1s .

Keyword Detection

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Sorting through five survey comments may be easy but what happens when that number grows? Keyword detection is a powerful tool that filters and compiles comments based on words or phrases you choose. Navigate to the Analytics dropdown on the left panel and you’ll find the Keyword Detection page. It not only saves you time in your search, it makes your analysis more context focused. 

Learn more about keyword detection

Keyword Detection is in BETA  -- reach out to Customer Success to see if you are eligible to get Keyword Detection.