March 25th, 2019 | Categories

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Categories in Analytics BETA

You’ve been asking for Categories… and here they are! Now any scaled question can be categorized allowing you to analyze like-items in analytics for pulse. A great example of one of our real-life clients using Categories is to view exit survey data by benefits and growth opportunities. This will help them to narrow down why folks are leaving and where they can improve. 

Let’s take a look at how Categories work:

Categories Set Up

You can now add or edit categories on questions when managing your past or future templates. Best practice questions in the library even come pre-configured with Categories! The Categories will be invisible to survey respondents but will be available to anyone looking at Analytics.

Categories in Analytics

There is a new “Categories” tab to view your scaled results in analytics. Just like your scaled items, you can slice, filter and compare Categories.

What's next with Categories?

  • Adding Categories in the individual feedback report.
  • Adding support Categories inside a single 1-on-1.
  • Clean up the analytics… we know it’s funky to see charts, categories and comments tabs (since Categories are technically charts).

Self-Reported Demographics in Pulse

We’ve added the ability to allow Survey respondents to answer cycle-specific demographic questions for a Pulse cycle. Maybe you just need to know what shift someone works for a specific pulse, but don’t want to track that demographic permanently. Here’s how it works:

  • You can add a demographic question type on any Pulse survey. This will show up on the survey as a question for your respondents.
  • Filter and slice by the answers to the demographic question just like any other demographic. It’s magic!


Launch a quick Feedback Request without a template

Sometimes you want feedback you can act on in the moment -- without the limitations of a preconfigured template. The ability to create your own questions on-the-fly makes it possible to get the insights you need, when you need them.

Enable Easy Impersonate for Any Admin

Easy Impersonation gives Admins, who are granted this special permission, the ability to impersonate some, or all, other users -- easily and without logging out of the tool. This is a useful feature that allows the Admin to more easily troubleshoot or assist another user.

Now you can enable Easy Impersonate for any Admin right within User Admin. The setting appears once a user is given Administrator permissions. Company-level exclusions still apply which can be set on the General Settings page.

Easy Impersonate Now Available to Focused Admins

Focused Admins who are given the ability to use Easy Impersonation are limited to their admin scope — just like any other admin abilities. In this example, this Focused Admin can only Easy Impersonate users who are located in Boston but NOT anyone within the Executive Department.

Smarter Filters in Analytics

We’ve limited the filter options available in Analytics to only those values that have any data. Let’s say you have 200 locations. But in one particular Pulse survey, you only invited 2 locations. Now, when you click the Location Filter, you’ll only see the 2 locations with data… not the 198 locations with zero data.


  • Easy Impersonate: If you could only Easy Impersonate fewer than 7 users, we’ve always helpfully shown you a list of those users — instead of requiring that you search for a user. This feature was not working properly, but its magical powers have now been restored. - Voila!
  • Profile Photos: If you upload a ginormous image for your profile photo, we didn’t always handle that too well. Now it should be much easier to upload your glamorous shots! - Abracadabra!
  • Engagement Presentation Slides: Now sort in the order of most favorable to least favorable on the Group Comparison Charts. Now reviewing the data is easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • Pulse Launch Times: Pulse launch times weren’t always saved in your timezone, so it was pretty confusing, to say the least. Now they get saved in your local timezone like the other milestones. Once upon a time...
  • Rank Question Export: When our shiny new Rank question type rolled out the export wasn’t very useful. Now Rank questions are exported similar to how Multichoice questions are. Not so rank anymore ;-)