Launch a Single Performance Review Cycle

Use Performance Review cycles to provide opportunities for direct reports and their managers to discuss performance.

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Use Performance Review cycles to provide opportunities for direct reports and their managers to discuss performance. Reviews, when paired with other ongoing touch points such as 1-on-1s, Feedback, and Goals, allow managers to guide, coach, and support their employees more effectively.

This article is a guide for single Performance Review cycles, learn how to launch an automated Performance Review cycle.


  • Available to organizations with 1-on-1s enabled
  • Available to admin users

Launch a Single Performance Review Cycle

To launch a Performance Review cycle:

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click 1-on-1s
  3. Click Single Cycles
  4. Click New Cycle in the top-right to open the cycle setup

Cycle Setup

On the initial step of the cycle setup, configure the cycle's details:

  1. Cycle Setup: Leave Single selected to launch a single cycle
  2. Cycle Name: Enter a title for the cycle
    • It's typically recommended to name a single cycle after the intended date of use
  3. About This Cycle: Optionally, enter any context or additional information about the cycle 
    • Enable the Include in emails? toggle to include this information in the email invitation sent to the cycle participants
  4. Manager Analytics: Optionally, check and enable this box to give managers access to aggregate, non-attributed analytics for their employees- this includes direct reports and down-line employees
    • Managers and Upline Managers can always view 1-on-1s that occur in their downline individually
  5. Settings: Enable the Mark as Performance Review option and any additional options
    • If Facilitators must 'Submit for Approval' before sharing is selected, responses from the manager/facilitator require an admin to approve the response before the employee is notified and able to view the response

      • Allow upline managers to approve content allows the facilitator's upline managers, in addition to admins, to approve a facilitator's response
      • After approval, facilitators must share... requires the facilitator to enter the 1-on-1 and click Share to allow the employee to view the facilitator's response

Click Save and Continue to continue.


In the Participants step, configure the participants of the Performance Review cycle.

To add participants:

  1. Click Add Participants
  2. Click and select the employees' corresponding ☐ icon (Figure A)
    • Optionally, use the Quick Select function to easily select either all employees or all managers within your organization
    • Optionally, use the search fields to filter the results by name or demographic to narrow the employees in the window (Figure A)
  3. Click and expand the Select a Template drop-down and select the template for the selected employees (Figure B)
  4. Click Add [x] People
  5. Optionally, to add additional employees under a different template, repeat steps 2-4
  6. Click All Done to finalize the participant selection for the cycle

Click Save and Continue to continue. 

Set Schedule & Milestones

On the Set Schedule & Milestone step, specify when the cycle launches and locks, as well as when both participants are expected to share and finalize.

To configure the schedule:

  1. Click on the date field for the corresponding milestone to open a date-picker
  2. Click and specify the new date and time for the milestone
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for each milestone as necessary

Click Save and Continue to open a confirmation modal.

Cycle Launch Confirmation

Once you click Save and Continue in the Set Schedule & Milestones step, this opens the launch confirmation modal.

Click Launch Now to launch the cycle according to the specified launch date, or I'm not ready to keep the cycle as a draft until further notice.