Keyword Detection

Use Keyword Detection to filter and analyze survey comments for specific keywords and phrases.

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Keyword Detection allows you to quickly organize and view survey comments based on keywords or phrases important to your analysis, especially useful comments that are time-sensitive.

Keyword Detection also allows you to quickly identify keywords that are sensitive or require follow-up action.

Access Keyword Detection

To access the Keyword Detection page:

  1. Click and expand Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click Keyword Detection 

Navigate Keyword Detection

To use and navigate Keyword Detection:

  • A. Filter by Survey: Click Filter by Survey to display comments for the selected survey
  • B. Keyword Notifications: If enabled, an email or in-app notification is delivered to the admin(s) of your choice, learn more
  • C. Export: Click to export a .xlsx version of the Keyword Detection data
    • Active filters and keyword selection are applied to the exported data
  • D. Popular Keywords & List: Click a keyword from the list to view the relevant comments in the list below, in Figure E
    • On the left, a maximum of the ten most popular keywords in the list are each represented by a colored tile with size correlated to keyword usage
    • On the right, a list of previously searched keywords and where keywords can be added and managed
    • Click Import to upload a CSV file with new keywords to track for your organization
  • E. Comments: A list of comments with the selected keyword highlighted and displaying their question and survey origin
    • Click the eye icon to view the comment in the survey's Comments Report 
    • Use the thumbs-up & thumbs-down icons to improve Quantum Workplace's comment suggestions

Add & Edit Keywords

To add and edit keywords in Keyword Detection:

  • A. Add Keyword: Click + Add a keyword and enter the keyword, click Save to add the keyword
  • B. Import: Click Import to upload a CSV file with new keywords to track for your organization
  • C. Edit/Delete Keyword: Hover over a keyword to reveal the Edit and Delete icon
    • Click the Edit icon to update the keyword
    • Click the Trash/Delete icon to remove the keyword

Keyword Detection Notifications

To configure Keyword Detection notifications: 

  1. Click Keyword Notifications to open the notification modal
  2. Specify if notifications should occur on a regular basis:
    • Daily, at the specified time of day 
    • Weekly, on a specified time and day 
    • Monthly, on the 1st or 15th of the month at a specified time
  3. Specify the admin(s) who should receive the notifications 
    • Click Remove for a corresponding admin to remove their access to notifications
  4. Click Save

Opt-Out of Notifications

Admins assigned to receive keyword notifications can opt out of future notifications via the email notification. 

As the admin who receives notifications, to opt out: 

  1. In the email notification, click Opt out of these notifications
  2. When successful, the admin is navigated to a confirmation page

To reassign an admin to receive Keyword Detection notifications once again- enter their name in the Keyword Notifications modal.