June 13th, 2023 - Release Notes

Response Rate Reporting Past Data, Lightweight 1-on-1 Enhancements

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Surveys & Pulses

Open Survey Response Rate Past Data

While surveys are open, admins will now be able to compare current response rates to those of recent past surveys. This new capability will give you another way to see if your response rates are on target to hit your goals, or if they need an extra boost.

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Engagement Outcomes Report

Outcome questions can be included in a variety of different categories, so this new report gives you a quick summary of results across all outcome questions--so that it's easy to get a baseline of organization or team engagement.

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Lightweight 1-on-1 Rooms

Beta release only. When using lightweight 1-on-1s, each instance of 1-on-1 conversations will now be organized into rooms so that managers and team members can more easily keep track of conversation topics, action items, and search across all past 1-on-1s with each other.

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