Jan 10, 2023 - Release Notes

NEW! Smart Topics for 1-on-1s, Action Planning Analytics for Surveys

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Smart Topics

NEW! Smart Topics for 1-on-1s 

1-on-1s facilitate and keep your conversations on track. But when you don’t know what to discuss they can quickly become unproductive and even inconvenient. Quantum Workplace is introducing Smart Topics to your agenda-only 1-on-1s to keep your agenda items fresh, on task, and productive. 

Simply navigate to the agenda of any 1-on-1. Choose from a variety of topics including Career Growth & Development, Team Dynamics, Trust in Leadership, and many more.  

If you don't know what to discuss, select a smart topic to stay productive and have quality conversations. 



Action Planning Analytics

Action Planning Analytics for Surveys 

Analytics can help uncover answers by connecting the dots– but it’s hard to connect the dots when you can’t find them. Action plan analytics now has enhanced filter and sorting capabilities to help you find what you’re looking for.  

Next time you are looking for action items from an engagement survey simply navigate to action planning analytics and use the survey dropdown in the top right corner. You can also sort through any of the action plan analytics to surface departments, roles, frequencies, and more. 

Combing through data can be inefficient. Empower leaders by uncovering information with improved action plan analytics.