IT Instructions for Email Deliverability

Please pass this on to your IT team to ensure emails from Quantum Workplace are deliverable to your employees. 

  • All login emails will have a FROM address of:
    • The IP addresses from which our bulk mail comes from is:  &  [Please be sure to allowlist both IP addresses, not just the email address.  If your system requires a subnet, please use /32.]
    • Actual email headers may appear to be coming from the subdomain
    • We reverse DNS set up and we also have an SPF record.
  • For emails that come from outside of our software—product release notes, webinar announcements, software enhancements, etc.—we recommend you also allow the following IP addresses:
  • Here is the link employees will use to login:
  • Our tools are compatible with the following browsers:  Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.