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IT Instructions for a Successful Survey Launch

Below is the relevant e-mail and survey link information you need regarding the upcoming employee survey.  Please pass this on to your IT team to ensure email deliverability.

  1. All email invitations will have a FROM address of: support@quantumworkplace.com
    1. The IP addresses from which our bulk mail comes from is:  & [Please be sure to allowlist both IP addresses, not just the email address.]
    2. Actual email headers may appear to be coming from the subdomain @email.quantumworkplace.com
    3. We reverse DNS set up and we also have an SPF record.
  2. Please ensure that if you have a limit of emails that can come in from a given IP that this limit is raised or removed for the survey period; this is so we can get the initial invitation and the reminder invitation out to everyone.
  3. The URL of the survey will be hosted at the following site: http://survey.quantumworkplace.com/
  4. Our survey and reporting tools are compatible with the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari.