Is the Engagement Survey Confidential?

That depends! If you see the following message in your Engagement  survey, your survey is confidential: 

If you see this, this means that the results of the survey are aggregated without individual identifiable information and that aggregate data is shared with your organization. No one in your organization will be able to connect your responses directly to you. Because of this, your survey is confidential. Quantum Workplace handles both the administration of the survey and the reporting on survey results, so your organization never sees your individual responses. 

Quantum Workplace retains all survey data and can therefore trace your survey responses back to you; because of this, the survey is not technically anonymous. However, Quantum Workplace does not divulge the identity of any survey takers to your organization-- your responses are confidential. When your organization reviews survey data they must always look at aggregate data. Your organization cannot view data for teams or groups of people that have fewer than 5 people respond to the survey. 

For more information, please refer to the  Quantum Workplace Privacy Policy.

A note on comments and open-ended questions: If your survey includes the opportunity to add comments or open-ended responses, you can rest assured that your comments will not be attached to your name in any way. That said, if you include identifying information in your responses, individuals within your organization may be able to guess your identity. 

If you do not see the above message that your response to this survey is confidential, you will want to reach out to the survey administrator or Human Resources team at your organization for more information.