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Importing Past Performance Reviews (Legacy)


  • Introduction
  • How will my past performance reviews appear?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How to make it happen


Importing past performance reviews into Quantum Workplace can help create continuity for your employees as part of your transition to conducting 1-on-1s within Quantum Workplace. This guide will walk you through the process of importing historical performance reviews into the 1-on-1s feature. Please note that this process requires coordination with your QW team and that we can only import up to three cycles' worth of historical data.

How will my past performance reviews appear?

Here's what you can expect once we've imported your past performance reviews:

  • Each past review we import will appear in the system as a 1-on-1 with a PDF attachment. 
    Imported Performance Review
  • These past reviews will be accessible from the All 1-on-1s section, but not from your Inbox.
  • Within All 1-on-1s, the past reviews will be marked with a paper clip icon. 
    Paper clip icon on 1-on-1s
  • We can back-populate results for scaled questions only. All other content from the performance review will only appear in the attachment. 
  • If you included a scaled question in a past review, trending will be available for that item if you include that item in current (or future) 1-on-1s. 
    Trending on performance question

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if the employee in a past review no longer works here? If you give us a past review and we cannot match the employee to an existing active user account, we’ll simply skip the review(s) and won’t import anything for that employee.
  2. What happens if the manager/facilitator of a past review no longer works here? If you give us a past review and we cannot match the facilitator to a user account, we’ll create a user account for this ex-employee and mark it inactive… and then import the past reviews.
  3. Is there a charge for importing my past reviews? Each import is slightly different and likely requires some level of custom work. Please talk with your Account Manager to know whether there will be a fee associated with this work.
  4. How many scaled questions can I import? You can import up to 5 scaled questions.
  5. How many past review cycles can I import? You can import up to 3 past review cycles.

How to make it happen

  1. You'll need to save your past reviews that you intend to import as PDFs. Use the following file name format: {employeeID}_{managerID}_{CycleName}.pdf
  2. Store these PDFs on a Secure File Transfer (SFTP) site. Note: If you don’t have an SFTP site that you’ve shared with Quantum Workplace already, you can either build your own and provide us with the login credentials to it or ask your CSM to create one for you.
  3. Download this template and populate it with a row for each past review you want to import. 
  4. Provide the spreadsheet to your Customer Success Manager so our team can get to work.