How to View Responses for Attributed Surveys

As an admin, you can view a survey participant's responses to an attributed or non-confidential survey.

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Surveys configured with the Not Confidential confidentiality setting allow admins to view a survey participant's responses to a non-confidential survey. 

Surveys set up with the Confidential or Mixed confidentiality option do not allow admins to view a survey participant's responses.

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  • Available to admin and survey-admin users

How to View a Survey Participant's Responses

As an admin, to view a survey participant's responses for an attributed survey: 


  1. Click and expand Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click Surveys & Pulses
  3. Click on the closed, non-confidential survey to navigate to the survey's analytics page
  4. Click and expand the Reports drop-down menu 
  5. Click Response Rate
  6. Scroll down to the Invited Participants section and click View for a survey participant

When viewing a participant's responses, admins can add comments to open-ended items as a follow-up to gain further insights. Future communication via comments and replies for a survey item can be managed in the Comments report. 

Note: Survey responses can only be viewed and are not editable in any way.