1-on-1 Booster: Goal Review

Within a 1-on-1, employees and managers can review Goals together using the Goal Review Booster.

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Use the Goal Review Booster to help managers and employees share an understanding of the employee's progress on their goal(s) at a glance.

The Goal Review Booster encourages regular dialogue around the employee's goal and makes it easy for both parties to keep track of goal progression, as well as to keep goals top of mind throughout the year. 


  • Available to organizations with 1-on-1s and Goals enabled

Use Cases

The Goal Review Booster can support the goal planning and review process, such as:

  • Quarterly goal progress conversations
  • Goal-setting conversations
  • Informal goal check-ins between managers and employees
  • Conversations about goals the employee has recently accomplished

The Booster can also help track discussion around a goal, i.e. what action items did you agree on? What challenges and solutions occurred? etc. 

Add the Goal Review Booster to a 1-on-1 Template as an Admin

As an admin, you can add the Goal Review booster to a 1-on-1 template to encourage managers and employees to discuss recent goals. 

When adding the Goal Review booster to a 1-on-1 template, you can decide if specific goal types, i.e. development, organizational, etc. should be automatically pulled in. 

To add the Goal Review booster to a 1-on-1 template:

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click 1-on-1s
  3. Click Templates
  4. Select the 1-on-1 template to add the Goal Review booster to
  5. At the bottom of the template, click the + icon
  6. Under Conversation Boosters, click Add To Template for the Goal Review booster
  7. In the Place Booster modal, click Top of Template or Bottom of Template 
  8. Click Save

Automate Goals Pulled Into the Booster

If the 1-on-1 template includes the Goal Review booster, it can be configured to automatically include goals of a certain type into the booster.

To configure the Goal Review booster to automatically pull in goals of a certain type:

  1. From the 1-on-1 template editor, click the Goal Review's corresponding edit icon (Figure A) to specify if a goal of a certain type should be automatically pulled into the booster
  2. In the Required Goals section (Figure B), check each of the goal types that should automatically be pulled in
  3. In the Goal Affiliation section (Figure C), configure the two options:
    • Specify if the automatically included goals have the employee as the goal owner, or as both, a goal owner and contributor
    • Toggle if closed goals are eligible to be automatically pulled into the booster
  4. Click Save Changes

Use the Goal Review Booster as a 1-on-1 Participant

The employee and facilitator in a 1-on-1 can use the Goal Review booster to review the employee's Goals to privately discuss selected goals and their takeaways.

To add and use the Goal Review booster as a 1-on-1 participant:

  1. If the 1-on-1 automatically displays the Goal Review booster, proceed to step 3; otherwise, click and expand the Conversation Boosters drop-down menu

  2. Click +Add corresponding to the Goal Review booster
  3. In the 1-on-1, identify the Goal Review booster and click Select Goals to expand the Snapshot for the employee-side user

  4. Click Select for an eligible Goal

  5. Click the icon in the top-right to close the Snapshot
  6. Review the goal(s) together, make any updates, and leave notes using the comments field