How to Use Recognition

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Recognition empowers you to have an impact on your organization's culture. Recognition allows employees in an organization to acknowledge and celebrate their colleague's efforts across the organization. 

Recognizing others for their growth and their skills/talents can go a long way toward building an organizational culture where high-quality work is rewarded. 

How to Give Recognition

You can use Quantum Workplace to recognize your peers for excellent work and for exemplifying your company's core values.

Once you've logged into your Quantum Workplace account, you can post recognition from your Home Page or from the Recognition tab. 

From either your Home Page or the Recognition tab, click Give Recognition to begin.


This opens a modal where you can specify whom you want to recognize and why.

  1. Enter the name of the person/people you're recognizing and celebrating
  2. Provide context around why you're recognizing them
  3. Select a badge that best represents the employee's achievements
  4. Optionally, if the employee's achievement is directly tied to an existing goal, select and highlight that here
  5. Upload or link image/gif URLs to celebrate the achievement with flair

Employees being recognized will receive an email notification, as well as their direct manager. 

Click Post to finalize and share your recognition post in your organization's newsfeed.

How to Give Recognition with a Speciality Badge

Specialty badges are badges that can only be awarded by specific individuals. If your organization has enabled specialty badges and they're available to you, they are indicated with a lock icon. 

Specialty badges also include an option to backdate recognition. 

How to Comment on a Recognition Post

You can comment on recognition posts for anyone at your organization using the Add a Comment field on a post. Use the "@" icon to tag and mention colleagues. 

Commenting on someone's recognition post will send the recognized employee an email notification. 

Receiving Recognition 

If you, or a direct report, are recognized by a colleague, you will receive an email notification. 

The email will display who was recognized and the badge chosen as well as a brief description. The link in the email will take you directly to the recognition post.