How to Use Feedback

This guide provides an overview of how to use Feedback in Quantum Workplace.

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Quantum Workplace's Feedback feature gives users a place to receive meaningful structured feedback from their colleagues and provide their own feedback. 

This article covers the essentials for giving and receiving Feedback. 

Learn more about using Feedback via a webinar recording.

Access & View Feedback 

Access Feedback

To access all Feedback you have visibility into, click Feedback in the left-hand navigation menu. 

View Feedback

To view a Feedback session you have visibility into:

2023-01-18_16-19-24 (1)

  1. Click View Feedback for the corresponding Feedback session

On the Feedback Results page, see all of the responses your other colleagues have provided. 

Depending on your organization's settings, when a colleague provides feedback you may receive email notifications via an email or in Quantum Workplace notifying you of new feedback you can view. 

Request Feedback

To request Feedback:

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  1. From the Feedback home page, click the New Feedback drop-down in the top-right
  2. Click Request Feedback
  3. On the Recipient step, click the Who is this Feedback for? and select the Feedback recipient- click Next to continue to the Questions step
  4. On the Questions step, click either Create Your Questions or Use a Template- click Next to continue to the Providers step
    • Create Your Questions: Click the + icon and Add Custom Question to enter your own question(s)
    • Use a Template: Use the drop-down to preview and select a template to use
  5. On the Providers step, enter the user(s) in the Select Feedback Providers field who will receive Feedback requests
  6. For the Report Title field, enter the title of the Feedback as it will appear to providers and in future reporting
  7. For the Feedback Provider Instructions field, enter additional context, i.e. description, notes, links, etc. 
  8. Click Next to continue to the Review step
  9. On the Review step, review your Feedback request and click Send Feedback Request

Provide Feedback

Feedback can be given to other colleagues both, solicited and unsolicited. 

Solicited Feedback

Solicited Feedback can be accessed either via the Feedback home page, as shown below, or via an email notification. Regardless of how the Feedback is accessed, the submission process remains the same. 

To provide solicited feedback: 

2023-01-18_17-29-31 (1)

  1. Access the Feedback form, either via:
    • The unique link in the associated email notification 
    • Clicking Provide Feedback for the associated Feedback request in the inbox on the Feedback homepage
  2. Complete the Feedback form
  3. Click Submit

Unsolicited Feedback

To submit attributed unsolicited feedback:

  1. From the Feedback home page, click the New Feedback drop-down in the top-right
  2. Click Give Feedback
  3. Enter the name of the colleague to provide feedback to 
  4. For the Subject field, enter the name or subject of the feedback
  5. For the Report Title field, enter the Feedback's title as it will appear to the recipient and future reporting
  6. Click Start Feedback
  7. On the Feedback submission form, under Your Feedback, enter your feedback for the recipient
  8. Click Submit

Note: Once feedback is submitted, it can not be edited or deleted. Your feedback will be attributable to you and can be viewed by admins, managers and any upline managers in addition to the feedback recipient. 

Feedback Visibility & Providers

To edit who has visibility into Feedback or add additional providers to an already launched Feedback request:

  • A. Feedback Visibility: Click the icon and enter/click on your colleague to grant the user(s) visibility into your Feedback results
    • Note: admins and any upline managers will always have visibility into your Feedback
  • B. Feedback Providers: Click Add Feedback Providers, enter the new provider(s), and click Add People

Export Feedback

Feedback can be exported in bulk or individually. 

Export Feedback In Bulk

To export Feedback as a .xlsx file: 

  1. From the Feedback home page, use the icon to select Feedback session(s) to export
  2. Click Export
  3. Under Filters, the Recent Downloads card will contain the exported Feedback session(s)
  4. Click Download File
  5. Open the file from your browser's download folder

Export Feedback Individually

To export individual Feedback sessions as a PDF file:

  1. From the Feedback home page, click View Feedback for the corresponding Feedback session
  2. Click Download Feedback in the top-right
  3. Open the file from your browser's download folder