How to Use Feedback

This guide provides an overview of how to use Feedback in Quantum Workplace.

Receiving a Request for Feedback
Submitting Feedback
Feedback Home
Viewing Feedback
Requesting Feedback

Receiving a Request for Feedback 

If you are invited to provide feedback for someone at your organization you will receive an email notification from Quantum Workplace. You could be invited to provide Feedback for your manager, a peer, or a direct report. The subject of the email will be Provide Feedback for [Employee Name], or simply Provide Feedback if you’ve been asked to complete a self-assessment.

Submitting Feedback

Within this email, click the Give Feedback button to be taken directly to the form to fill out your feedback. Click Submit once you’re finished providing your assessment.

Your Feedback Home Page

If you need to view feedback in addition to providing feedback, you’ll do so from your Feedback home page. You can access this by logging into your Quantum Workplace account and clicking the Feedback tab from the header menu.

Alternatively, you can access this page by clicking the Back to Feedback Home button after you submit Feedback for someone. 

From your Feedback Home page, you will see a row for every Feedback session that involves you. This includes Feedback sessions for which you are receiving Feedback and sessions in which you’ve been asked to provide Feedback for others.

For anyone who still needs your Feedback, you’ll see a yellow Provide Feedback button. Clicking on this button will take you directly to the form where you can provide that employee’s Feedback.
Provide Feedback button

Viewing Feedback

If you have visibility into the feedback that you or a direct report received, you’ll see a View Feedback button for the particular Feedback session. Clicking this button will show you responses for everyone who has provided feedback so far. 

If you do not have visibility to view a specific Feedback session, you will not see a View Feedback button. 

If you have been given visibility into Feedback that you’ve received, you will receive an email once that Feedback becomes visible prompting you to log in and view that Feedback. Depending on your organization’s settings, you may receive this email as soon as someone provides Feedback for you or on a specific date. Feedback has been shared with you-recipient has visibility-1

If you have been given visibility into Feedback that your direct report has received, you will receive an email once their Feedback becomes visible, too. 


Requesting Feedback

You can also request Feedback for yourself or a direct report at any time. From the top right corner of your Feedback Home page, click the Request Feedback button. 

From the drop down menu that appears, select whether you are requesting feedback for yourself or on behalf of a direct report. 

Next, select a set of questions to ask your feedback providers by choosing a template from the Select Template drop down. Or if you prefer, you can create your own questions. 

On the next screen, type in the names of coworkers who you would like to request feedback from. You can add any clarification or context in the Feedback Provider Instructions field as you see fit.

Finally, review and send your feedback request when ready. Everyone you have listed as a provider will receive an email notifying them that you have requested their feedback.