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How to Use Bulk Goals

As an admin, create goal templates and bulk goals to easily assign a goal to multiple employees in your organization. 

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As an admin, create goal templates and bulk goals to easily assign a goal to multiple employees in your organization. This is especially useful if an identical goal is being sent out to a number of your employees. 

Create a Goal Template

Goals assigned to multiple employees first require a goal template. If you have an existing bulk goal template you want to use, you can skip this section and learn how to create a bulk goal.

To create a goal template, begin by navigating to Goals under Administration in the left-hand navigation menu. Click the Create Bulk Goals card on the Goals page.


If there are no existing bulk goal templates, you must create one before proceeding.

Click Create a Goal Template to navigate to the template creation page. 


  1. Template Name: Give the template a name and check the Active Template box to enable/disable the template
  2. Goal Name: Give the goal a name, typically this reflects the desired end result of the goal
  3. Goal Type: Select whether this goal is a Developmental, Personal or a Team goal
  4. Goal Privacy: Select whether this goal is Public or Restricted
  5. Key Results: Enter the metric(s) and how they're measured, click New Key Result to add an additional Key Result to better track and organize your goal

Click Save Template to complete and save the goal template. 

Create a New Bulk Goal

From Create Bulk Goals home page, you can edit existing templates or create new bulk goals for your organization. 

To begin the bulk goal process, click New Bulk Goal. 

Select Goal Template


Select the goal template you wish to be assigned to employees at your organization.

Click the Goal Template Name field to reveal a list of existing templates, or type and search among your organization’s templates. Select the appropriate template and click Next.

Select Goal Owners

Specify and assign goal owners on this page.

  • By Downline or Direct Reports:
    • Use the search bar to identify the user(s) and specify whether their direct reports or their downline will be added as goal owners
  • By Demographic:
    • Assign users of the selected demographic(s) as goal owners
    • Selecting a demographic creates a clickable link that identifies all users included under your current demographic selection
  • From File Upload (CSV):
    • Upload a file with EmployeeId for included users to be automatically validated
    • Click Requirements and Descriptions for CSV for more information on what's required

Click Next to proceed.


Specify the time range and configurations for this goal.

  1. Start and End Dates: Select between quarterly or annual dates, or create a custom date range
  2. Configurations: Optionally:
    1. Check the boxes to grant owners and contributors certain abilities
    2.  Click Align Goals to align this goal with your organization's existing goals
  3. Notifications Suppressed: Indicates that email and in-app notifications are not delivered when creating bulk goal assignments

Click Next to proceed.

Review & Launch

Verify and confirm that the details of your goal are accurate before launching.

Some key details to review:

  1. New Assignments: Goals Being Created represents the number of users being assigned to the bulk goal
  2. Goal Template: Indicates the template being used, click View Details to see its key results, privacy, and type
  3. Goal Dates: Displays the start and end dates for this goal
  4. Configurations: Quickly review your configuration options from the previous page

Click Launch to publish the goal for all of the previously assigned goal owners.