How to Use 1-on-1s

Conducting a 1-on-1 in Quantum Workplace allows you and your manager (or direct report) to answer a set of questions and review each other's responses before an in-person conversation.


Why 1-on-1s? 

Regular 1-on-1 conversations help managers and employees stay in sync by providing both people a chance to provide updates and ask questions. In Quantum Workplace, 1-on-1s help managers and employees effectively prepare for an in-person conversation and make the most out of their meeting. 

Invitation to Participate in a 1-on-1

If you've been invited to participate in a 1-on-1, you'll receive an email invitation from Quantum Workplace. Within this email, click Log In.

Once you've logged in, you will land on your 1-on-1s Home Page, which shows a record of every 1-on-1 you are involved in as either an employee or a manager. Click the View button next to the 1-on-1 you need to complete to open it.

Within your 1-on-1, you'll see all of the questions you're expected to answer. Any questions that are marked with an asterisk are required. At any point while you're answering the prompts, click Save Draft to save your responses and return to them later.

The other person in your 1-on-1 may or may not have filled out their responses at this point; depending on your organization's settings, you may be able to see their responses as soon as they share them or you may be required to answer your half of the 1-on-1 before viewing their responses.

Sharing your 1-on-1

Once you are satisfied with your responses, click the Share With button. Clicking this button will cause the other participant in your 1-on-1 to receive an email prompting them to view your responses.

If you need to edit your responses after you've shared them, look for the Unshare and Edit button in the bottom right corner of your 1-on-1. If this capability has been enabled for your organization, you will be able to click this button, edit your responses, and re-share them with the other person.

Note: If you don't see the Unshare and Edit button, you can add comments to clarify your response. 


Reviewing Responses

You will receive an email notification when your 1-on-1 partner has shared their responses with you. Log in to your account and click View next to the 1-on-1 to see their responses. 

Adding Comments

Both before or after you meet in person to conduct your 1-on-1, you can add comments to your responses or your partner's responses. Simply type in the What would you like to say?  field below a particular question and click Post. The other person will receive an email notification that you have added a comment. 

Finalizing your 1-on-1

Depending on the expectations outlined by your organization, you may need to finalize your 1-on-1 after your in person conversation. You will receive an email notification reminding you to finalize your 1-on-1 before the due date set by your HR team. 

To finalize your 1-on-1, click the Finalize button in the bottom right corner. Once you finalize your 1-on-1 you will no longer be able to add comments or edit your responses. 

Initiating a 1-on-1

You also have the option to initiate a 1-on-1 without being prompted. From your 1-on-1s Home Page, click Start New 1-on-1 in the top right corner.

From the next screen, select who you would like to conduct your 1-on-1 with by clicking the Participants drop down on the right side and select your manager or direct report's name. Depending on your organization's settings, you may be able to request a 1-on-1 with someone other than your manager or direct report by clicking Other. 


Next, click the Check-In button to generate a buildable agenda for your 1-on-1. Or, if you prefer, you can choose a question set for the conversation from the Select a Template drop down menu. 
Next, select a date that your in person conversation should take place or click the Clear Date button if you prefer not to pick a date. By default, our 1-on-1 tool sets your 1-on-1 to recur on a monthly basis; you can toggle off the Recurring button or adjust the cadence if you do not want a 1-on-1 with this person to get created automatically on a monthly cadence. 

Create your new 1-on-1-2

Finally, click Create 1-on-1 to invite the other person to your 1-on-1.