How to Use 1-on-1s

Conducting a 1-on-1 in Quantum Workplace allows you and your manager (or direct report) to answer a set of questions and review each other's responses before an in-person conversation.

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Regular 1-on-1 conversations help managers and employees stay in sync by providing both people a chance to provide updates and ask questions. In Quantum Workplace, 1-on-1s help managers and employees effectively prepare for an in-person conversation and make the most out of their meeting. 

Invitation to Participate in a 1-on-1

If you've been invited to participate in a 1-on-1, you'll receive an email invitation from Quantum Workplace. Within this email, click Log In.
email 1-on-1 cycle now open


After following the link in the email notification, or navigating to 1-on-1s in Quantum Workplace, you'll see the 1-on-1s Home Page. This page shows a record of all 1-on-1s, both current and archived.

To complete a 1-on-1, click its corresponding View button. 

Sharing your 1-on-1

When viewing a 1-on-1, you'll see the questions you and your colleague are expected to answer. Questions you're required to answer will be indicated by an asterisk.

Depending on your organization's settings- you may be able to see your colleague's responses as soon as they share them, or you may be required to answer your designated questions before viewing your colleague's responses. 


After responding to your questions, click Share in the bottom right. This will send an email to your colleague notifying them that you have shared your responses with them. 

You can also click Save Draft to save your progress and resume at a later point. 


If you need to edit your responses after sharing them, look for the Unshare button in the bottom right corner of your 1-on-1.

If this capability has been enabled for your organization, you will be able to click this button, edit your responses, and re-share them with your colleague. 

Note: If you don't see the Unshare button, you can still add comments to clarify your response. 

Reviewing Responses

You will receive an email notification when your 1-on-1 partner has shared their responses with you. Log in to your account and click View next to the 1-on-1 to see their responses. 

Adding Comments

You can add a comment to your responses or your colleague's responses after they've been shared. In the text field underneath a response, enter your comment and click Post. This will send an email notification to your colleague.

Comments are a great way to document any action items or takeaways from your conversation. Drafts in the Comments field are automatically saved, even if you don't click Post.

Finalizing your 1-on-1

Depending on the expectations outlined by your organization, you may need to finalize your 1-on-1 after your conversation. You will receive an email notification reminding you to finalize your 1-on-1 before the due date set by your HR team. 

Click Finalize in the bottom-right to finalize your 1-on-1. After finalizing your 1-on-1, you can no longer add comments or edit responses. 

Initiating a 1-on-1

You can initiate 1-on-1s on your own without being prompted. From the 1-on-1 Home Page, click Start New 1-on-1 in the top-right corner. 

When initiating a 1-on-1, you'll begin by selecting the participants.  Click the Participants drop-down and select the appropriate colleague.

Your organization's settings will determine whether you can initiate 1-on-1s with a manager/direct report or anyone in your organization. If you're able to initiate 1-on-1s with any colleague, click Someone Else in the Participant drop-down menu.  


After selecting the participants, specify the questions or agenda to be discussed in the 1-on-1. 

For a free-form agenda where both parties can add agenda items to address, click Check-In. For a more structured and guided conversation, click and expand the Select a Template drop-down. Click a template to see a preview of the included questions.


After specifying the contents of the 1-on-1, you have two optional features to enrich the 1-on-1:

  • Add Date and Time to specify when the 1-on-1 is to happen. Clicking this will open a card where you can select the date/time, duration and whether this 1-on-1 should recur on a repeating interval. 
  • Video Meeting Link to include the URL for a video meeting if the 1-on-1 is to happen virtually. 



After reviewing your 1-on-1 so far, click Create 1-on-1 to launch the 1-on-1 and invite the colleague to participate. They will receive an email notification that includes a link for them to complete their responses and meet.