Understanding the Comments: Glossary of Themes

Our automated text analytics tool will tag employees' comments with certain themes. We have identified the following 36 distinct that come up most frequently in employee comments.

The 36 below themes are shown in alphabetical order:


Definition: Non-wage compensation provided to employees
Example Words:
401k, coverage, deductibles, paid time off
Example Comments:
“Love the benefits offered here – especially paid holidays!” “It’d be great if you offered tuition reimbursement for employees who are students.”

Words that relate to the advancement in one’s work-based future.
Example Words: Advancement opportunities, internal promotions, upward mobility
Example Comments: 

“I view my current role as a stepping stone toward a better job here.” “Promote from within the company, giving current employees room for advancement over newcomers.”



Definition: Words that relate to or imply a difference or alteration.
Example Words: Adapt, boost, expand, transition
Example Comments: “A lot of changes have been happening in my team, so much that I can’t really keep up.”


Definition: Perceptions and mindsets about the degree to which topics are transparent.
Example Words: Awareness, certain, confusion, understand, what is going on
Example Comments: “I feel like I’m in the dark on where we are going as a company. Leadership is pretty vague too, like it’s a secret.”


Definition: The exchange of information between two or more people.
Example Words: Admit, feedback, listen, notes, suggestion, tells
Example Comments: “My manager is great! She listens to what I have to say, gives me great advice, and is always open to answering any questions I throw her way.”



Definition:  Monetary exchanges or agreements between employees and their employer.
Example Words: Competitive pay, employee stock, pay cut
Example Comments: “I’m not paid enough for what I do. I need a raise.” “I appreciate the yearly raises to match – and often exceed – inflation. Shows that the company really cares.”


Definition:  Any reference to customers, as well as roles and responsibilities that revolve around customer interaction.
Example Words: Client base, consumer, level of service, patient care
Example Comments: “We should always keep the end user in mind when making product changes.” “I think we have excellent guest service here.”


Definition: References to any process or structure that relate to the degree of setting up employees for success.
Example Words: Accessible, enabling, fulfilling, motivating, shot down
Example Comments: “This company truly cares about its employees. It’s devoted to providing great opportunities for all of us!” “My teammates are often unwilling to help each other. They only care about themselves.”


Definition: Technological and physical items that employees utilize or interact with.

Example Words: Cars, database, images, tablets, windshield
Example Comments: "The air conditioner needs to get fixed. It feels like a sauna in here and makes it hard to concentrate."


Definition: The perceived treatment of individuals and groups in relation to others, as well as counterproductive work behaviors.
Example Words: Abusive, anonymity, discrimination, preferential treatment
Example Comments: “Gotta say, men aren’t held to the same standards as women when it comes to weekly productivity. Totally not fair.” “We point fingers whenever problems come up, but the core issue is that we don’t hold people accountable.”



Definition: Processes that pertain to the exchange or management of money within organizations.
Example Words: Billing, discount, profits, transactions
Example Comments: "My department needs a bigger budget, or I guarantee it’ll start hurting our annual revenue.”



Definition: Any reference to consumable goods.
Example Words: Bread, drinks, pizza, soda
Example Comments: “Kind of nitpicky, but I’d like more coffee options in the office. My team always brews the same flavor of coffee, and I’ve gotten sick of it.”



Definition: Words that relate to outcomes, methods to achieve outcomes, or systems of measurement.
Example Words: Accomplish, desire, evaluate, milestone

Example Comments: “I don’t think annual reviews are accurate in assessing performance. Reviews should be done more frequently, like quarterly.” “I’m on track to hit my quota for the year, so I’ve got no complaints.”



Definition: Words that relate to physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing.
Example Words: Burnout, cost of living, stress
Example Comments: “Our wellness program is awesome. Gym memberships and onsite yoga really help me keep on track with my fitness.” “I’m barely making ends meet after an illness last year. It’s taking a toll on me and my family.”



Definition: Requirements of an individual on the job, excluding specific responsibilities. 
Example Words: A lot of pressure, busy, overtime, workload
Example Comments: “The work can be challenging and demanding, but I love it here anyway!” “During the busy season, extra work piles up and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. We need more people during those months.”



Definition: References to leadership roles and positions.
Example Words: CEO, executives, president, VP
Example Comments: “The Director of Sales is great – she leads by example and really cares for her team.”


Definition: References to management-level roles and positions.
Example Words: All levels of management, middle management, supervision
Example Comments: “The new store manager is micromanaging us, and it’s not needed.”



Definition:  Words that relate to various types of interactions and gatherings.
Example Words: 1 on 1s, appointment, conference call, pizza party
Example Comments: The monthly town hall meeting is always really informative.” “Our team could use more socializing, like throwing a potluck or having a happy hour somewhere.”



Definition:  Specific feelings that employees have about particular topics.

Example Words: Admire, disgust, proud, worry
Example Comments: “It’s disheartening that so many people have bad attitudes around here. Makes me kind of depressed and not want to show up sometimes.”



Definition: An organization’s culture and perceptions of an organization as a whole.
Example Words: Across the company, bureaucracy, dress code, work environment
Example Comments: “This is an amazing place to work. Best place I have ever worked, in fact.”



Definition: Parts of an organization’s hierarchical or geographical distribution.
Example Words: 
Agency, branch, franchise, sector
Example Comments: “Different areas of the company, especially our international offices, seem to be going through changes more quickly than in our central office.”


Definition: Words that relate to the general effort put into work.
Example Words:  Always willing to help, exemplary, performing, work ethics
Example Comments: “My teammates always go above and beyond to help each other, dedicated to doing the best they can.” “My manager is lazy and puts no effort into anything.”


Definition:The places in which employee conduct their work, as well characteristics of those places.

Example Words: Buildings, farm, seating, workspace
Example Comments:  “I work in the warehouse, and noise levels are way too loud.”



Definition:  Words that relate to the ways in which work is conducted.
Example Words: Automation, clunky, implementation, put into place
Example Comments: “System issues fall through the cracks all the time, leading to last minute troubleshooting. We’ve got to stop this reactive, band aid approach.”



Definition: Appreciation and acknowledgement shown towards employees.
Example Words:
Anniversary, ignore, pay attention, shout out
Example Comments:
“I feel like my contributions go unnoticed. Not even a thank you. Start recognizing us more.”


Definition: Job tasks and titles
Example Words: Administrative, dispatch, faculty, project management

Example Comments: “The marketing team needs more specialists who actually know how to talk about our products.”



Definition: Any reference sales, including processes and personnel
Example Words: Sales department, salespeople, sold
Example Comments:“Our sales team is great at upselling!”




Definition: Words that relate to specific blocks of time, days, and shift-related topics
Example Words: Annual, Christmas, each week, night shift, vacation
Example Comments: “An occasional weekend off would be appreciated, or more vacation days.” “Back to back shifts need to stop. I do several of these a month, and it’s exhausting.”




Definition: All stages of the employee life cycle, and related topics.
Example Words: Attrition, fired, onboarding, qualifications
Example Comments: “I’ve been here a long time, and frankly I’m disappointed with all the layoffs that’ve been happening recently.”



Definition:  Words that relate to decision making, vision, and organizational change.
Example Words: Acquisition, brainstorm, down the road, risk
Example Comments: “My team is headed in the right direction by always thinking outside the box.” “We’re losing sight of our mission.”



Definition: Perceptions of other employees and the ways in which they work together.
Example Words:Bonding, like a family, networking, teammates

Example Comments: “My team is pretty tight knit. It’s a pleasure to work with them!”



Definition: General timing, frequency, length of time, and speed of various tasks.
Example Words: After the fact, cadence, more quickly, seldom
Example Comments: “We’re constantly falling behind deadlines, with delays left and right.” “My boss always has a high sense of urgency, wanting everything done ASAP even if we’re behind on orders.”


Definition: Processes and resources related to employee learning and guidance.
Example Words: Back to school, coach, lesson, skillset
Example Comments: “I have learned a lot in my current role. That said, opportunities for cross training in other roles would be even better.”




Definition: Words that relate to the general sense of confidence and esteem employees have toward a particular topic.
Example Words: Credibility, honest, mistrust, sugarcoat

Example Comments: “I trust my manager. We respect each other personally and professionally, and that’s what matters most to me.”



Definition: Words that relate to employees’ general amount and place work
Example Words: Flex hours, hourly employee, remote work
Example Comments: “The ability to work from home has been really helpful!” “I work part time and would like to be considered for full time because I need better health insurance.”



Definition: The degree of tension between an individual’s work and non-work activities.
Example Words:
Childcare, maternity leave, work and home life
Example Comments:
“I feel like I can strike a good balance between work and time with my family.”