How to Share Visibility into a 1-on-1

Instructions for Admins

Contact your CIM/CSM if you would like your employees to be able to give another user (e.g. a mentor or matrix manager) visibility into any of their 1-on-1s. Once this option has been enabled for your organization, anyone at your company who uses 1-on-1s will have the option to give any other 1-on-1 user visibility into any open 1-on-1 they are participating in as either an employee or a facilitator. 

Instructions for Employees

If this option has been enabled for your organization, you can give any 1-on-1 users in your organization visibility into a 1-on-1 you have participated in. From within the specific 1-on-1 you would like to share, click the plus sign on the right side of the screen and type in the name of the colleague who should be able to see this 1-on-1. 

When their name appears, click on their name to give them visibility into the 1-on-1. 


The person you've given visibility to will receive an email notification letting them know they can now view the 1-on-1. 

In addition, both participants in the 1-on-1  will also receive an email notifying them that visibility into the 1-on-1 has been shared with another user.