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How to Create a Feedback Template and Cycle

As an Admin, you can set up a Feedback cycle to send feedback requests on behalf of your employees (this can be for any subset of your population or the entire organization)

There are two essential steps to launching Feedback. First, you will build a template to select the questions that feedback providers should answer about the employees under review. If you are setting up a 360, you will also designate which reporting relationships should provide feedback and select the questions that each group should answer, in relation to the employees under review.

Once you've built your template, you will launch a cycle to determine dates that the feedback should be sent out, who should have visibility into the feedback, and whether feedback should be confidential or attributed.


How to Create a Feedback Template

The first step to launching any Feedback session  is to create the template, or question set, that will be used.

    1. Open Administration and select Feedback.
2. Click the Templates tab. You can select a current template or create a new template.
    1. Click New Template
    2. Name the template (typically this reflects the topic of the Feedback session/ type of Feedback) and click Save and Continue.

    3. Click the Plus sign followed by the Add Question button to add questions to your template.  

      You can add open-ended, scaled, and multi-choice questions to your template:

      For each question type, you can browse best practice questions to add to your template by clicking Add from Library. 

      5. (For 360 Feedback): Add Feedback Groups.

      From the panel on the right side of the template, click the drop down arrow by Feedback Groups to determine which reporting relationships relative to the feedback recipients should provide Feedback. Click Save Feedback Groups

When setting feedback groups, you will specify whether to invite feedback providers automatically based on the reporting relationships in Quantum Workplace. If you do not want people to be automatically invited to provide feedback based on your data in Quantum Workplace, be sure not to select the "auto-invite" option. 


6. (For 360 Feedback) If you need to denote that certain questions should be presented to specific Feedback Groups only, click the edit icon to open a particular question and check the correct boxes under Who do you want to respond to this question? Then, click Save Changes. 

7. Once you've finished adding questions and specifying which Feedback Groups should see each question,  click Finalize & Activate to make your template available to use. 

Launching a Feedback Cycle

Once you've built your template, you will set up a cycle to determine who will receive feedback and specify the dates that feedback requests should be sent out.

From Administration, select Feedback.  Click New Cycle.     

Note: If Focused Feedback has been enabled for your organization, you will next specify whether you are creating an Open (standard) Feedback cycle or a Focused Feedback Cycle. Click Select under Open Feedback Cycle to continue, or follow these instructions to create a Focused Feedback cycle.

Step 1: Cycle Setup

  1. Cycle Type: Leave this set to Single unless you're intending to set a recurring cycle as discussed with your CSM. Click here for instructions on how to set up an automated Feedback cycle. 
  2. Cycle Name: Enter a title for your Feedback session
  3. About This Cycle: Add any instructions or context that your feedback providers should see, if needed. Check the box next to Include in emails and feedback experience?
  4. Manager Analytics: Check this box if you would like people leaders to see aggregate Feedback analytics for their down line. This step does NOT solely determine who has visibility into Feedback--- those permissions are updated under Who will see feedback? 

    Advanced Options

  5. Focused Feedback Mode: Make sure this box remains unchecked unless you intend to launch a Focused Feedback cycle
  6. Who will select feedback provider? Click the drop down arrow to designate who is responsible for selecting feedback providers. For formal feedback sessions, the majority of our customers rely on Admin users to determine feedback providers, but you can choose to give the employees receiving feedback or their managers the responsibility for selecting feedback providers instead. 

  7. Who will see feedback? If the employees receiving feedback should NOT have visibility into their own feedback, uncheck the box next to People Receiving Feedback. If the immediate/upline manager of any employee receiving feedback should NOT have visibility into that employee's feedback, uncheck the box next to Managers & Upline Managers. 

  8. Are answers confidential? Click the drop down arrow to determine whether answers should be attributed to respondents. If you choose to keep answers anonymous, you will need to specify a minimum number of responses needed to reveal results. Note: If you are using Feedback Groups, you will need to meet the minimum response threshold in each feedback group in order to reveal responses from that group. If you are using Feedback Groups, responses from managers will always be attributed, even for confidential Feedback cycles.  

    Step 2: Feedback Recipients

    Click Select Feedback Recipients to specify which employees are receiving feedback. Use the People Search to add recipients individually and the Filter by Demographic option to add recipients  by demographic. 

    Once recipients are selected select your template from the drop-down and click Add People.

    You will see a message once the recipients have successfully been added. Click All Done to advance. 

    To specify who should provide feedback for these employees, click the Import Feedback Providers button and follow these instructions. 

    Step 3: Set Schedule & Milestone

    Set dates for when the Cycle Launches (email invitations will be sent out approximately at the time you set here, although invitations may be sent in batches), when the Feedback is Due, and when the Feedback should become Visible. If you would like feedback to be visible as soon as it's received (for attributed surveys) or as soon as it's received once the minimum response threshold is met (for confidential surveys), check the Immediately box. 

     Once your dates are set, click Save and Continue and Launch. Once you've clicked this, the feedback invitations will be automatically sent out on the date/time you've specified in the Cycle Launch Date field. 

    Note:  If you need to extend Feedback dates for everyone to provide feedback, you can return to this cycle set-up page and select a new cycle lock date.