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How to Select Feedback Providers

In this article: 


In this article, you’ll learn the two ways to designate who should provide Feedback as part of a Feedback cycle.

As an admin, you will need to complete this step if you have designated that admins should select Feedback providers. You can also choose to select feedback providers on behalf of your employees even if you have designated that employees are responsible for selecting their own feedback providers.

If you have set up your template such that feedback groups are automatically invited to provide feedback, you will not need to complete this step. 

How to Import Feedback Providers (for Admin Users)

Admin users can import Feedback providers via a .csv file either before or after the Feedback cycle is officially open.

Please note that if you are using a template that automatically invites providers, you don't have to add those providers who would otherwise automatically be invited anyway. Manually adding providers who will be automatically invited anyway can result in a failed import


To import providers, open the cycle setup page for the Feedback cycle in question and navigate to Step 2: Feedback Recipients. Click Import Feedback Providers.


From the pop-up window that appears, click Download Participant File. This will generate a spreadsheet with one row for each Feedback Recipient (e.g, each person receiving feedback).


What you'll see when viewing this spreadsheet:

  • Column A: Subject Email
    • Includes the email address of the Feedback recipient
  • Column B: Rater Email Address
    • Includes the email address of the Feedback provider
  • Column C: Feedback Group 
    • Includes the Feedback provider's Feedback Group 

These columns will either be blank or already populated with recommended Feedback providers depending on whether you have set up your template with Feedback Groups and selected "We'll suggest feedback provider(s) based on organizational relationships but these can be edited."

You will need a row filled out for every Feedback Provider.  So, if every recipient is receiving feedback from four providers, you will need four rows filled out per recipient, each with unique provider information.

Note: If you have set up Feedback Groups for your cycle, column C should contain the exact wording you used to define a Feedback Group (e.g., if “Manager” is a Feedback Group, every provider belonging to that group should be listed in Column C as “Manager”).

If you have not set up Feedback Groups, enter “Feedback Provider” in column C. 

How to Add Feedback Providers from the Feedback Page

Admins can add feedback providers for any Feedback recipient from your main Feedback page once your cycle has launched. If employees have been given the ability to select their own Feedback providers, they will also be able to select them from their Feedback page or directly from the email they receive that prompts them to select Feedback Providers.

From your main Feedback page, click All Feedback to view every recipient who needs to receive feedback as part of a current cycle. In this view, you will be able to see the number of providers who were invited to give feedback to any individual recipient as well as how many have shared. For any employee who needs Feedback providers, you will see a link to Add Providers.


Under the Feedback Provider field, enter the names or email addresses of the people who should provide feedback for this employee.

If this Feedback template utilizes Feedback Groups (meaning that different questions are asked to different feedback providers depending on their relationship to the feedback recipient), you will need to enter feedback providers based on their relationship to the recipient: