How to Search and Filter Goals


  • Sort & View Options
  • Goal Shortcuts
  • Filter Options
  • Export Goals

Sort & View Options


From the Goal homepage, you can view the hierarchy and alignment of your goals. You can either expand goals individually using the arrow toggle to the left of the goal:

Or, you can use the "Expand 1 Level" / "Collapse All" buttons to expand or collapse all goals. 

Key Results

You can view key result progress from the Goal homepage by clicking the Show More drop down menu and selecting Show Key Results. 

Sort by

You can sort goals on the Goal homepage by progress, due date, create date, or Last Update.

Group by

You can sort Goals by the Owner or Team associated with a goal. 

Goal Shortcuts

In the top right corner of the Goals page there are some shortcuts to help you quickly filter for goals.

How am I doing? filters for the goals you are involved in.

How are my direct reports doing? filters for the goals your direct reports are involved in.

How are all teams doing? filters for just team level goals. (specified by Type)

How is the organization doing? filters for just organization level goals. (specified by Type)

What is overdue? filters for any goal that has a due date set before today.

Search Options

You can use the Search Options to find specific goals from the Goals tab. You can search by due date, keyword, the people involved, state (open vs. closed), and type (development, personal, team, or organization). 

Export Goals

You can export the view on your screen to PDF or Excel via the Export drop down menu.