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How to Schedule a Recurring Cycle Series


  • Automating Recurring Cycle Basics
  • How to Setup a Cycle for Recurring Cycle Series
  • Scheduling a Recurring Cycle Series
  • Managing Participants in a Recurring Cycles Series
  • Activating a Recurring Cycle Series
  • Disabling a Recurring Cycle Series
  • Editing and Viewing Recurring Cycle's Instances and Series

Automating the Scheduling of a Recurring Cycle Basics

Automating a Recurring Cycle allows you to automate a series of cycles for Feedback, 1-on-1s, and Pulse Surveys so you don't have to manually launch them! When you set up a cycle, you pick the recurrence of the cycle and we do the rest of the work. You will have options to schedule the events either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Think monthly 1-on-1s, weekly pulse surveys, or quarterly Feedback cycles.

How to Setup a Cycle for a Recurring Series

Go to  Administration (drop down by your name in top-right corner) > Feedback New Cycle

From there, select "Automated" and enter the Cycle Name, Template, About This Cycle text (optional), Manager Analytics Toggle, Advanced Options and Select "Save Changes".  

The Notifications & Milestones section will appear.  Select the "Recurring" option next to Hire Date and Exit Date. Note: You must choose Automated Cycle as the Cycle Type to have the ability to create a recurring cycle

Scheduling Recurring Cycle Series

Under the "Cycle Launches" date, choose the date and time that you would like to launch the first instance of the recurring cycle. Select the recurrence pattern from the drop-down selector. Your options are Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. This will create the pattern of individual cycle instances based on your selections. Click "Save and Continue."

Note: If you are creating a recurring 1-on-1, this will schedule 1-on-1s for a duration of 1 hour on the participants' calendars for the dates selected.  

Managing the Participants in Recurring Cycles

Under the Participants option on Cycle Administration, there will be a count of the total number of participants in the Recurring Cycle. The default will be to add all users setup for your company. You can filter down to specific participants based on demographics. When you add a demographic in the "Filter by demographic" box, it will show the new count of participants based on the employees that have that demographic assigned to them. For a list of the participants names and email addresses, click the blue text that says "View list of participants."

Note: If an employee is assigned a new demographic that it a part of a recurring cycle series, they will automatically be pulled into the next instance for the cycle.

How to Activate the Recurring Cycle Series

Go to Activation Settings > Enable Automation Now > Yes, Start Automating Cycles Now -OR- Schedule For Later. 

Select the date you want to start the automated cycle on and add the optional end date > Schedule.

How to Deactivate a Recurring Cycles Series

Go to Activation Settings > Disable Automation Now > Yes, Disable Automation Now

Editing and Viewing Recurring Cycles Instances and Series

Go to Administration > Cycles.

By default, the view will show Current Cycles. The list will show the next individual instance for the Automated Recurring Cycle that was created. Click Edit to edit this instance or the entire series. 

If you would like to view all automated cycles, you can choose the Automated Cycles tab, which will also have an Edit button that takes you to edit the entire series