How to Resend a Survey Invitation

While your survey is open, you can resend email invitations for employees to take the survey.

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When you launch a survey, all participants are invited to complete the survey via an email notification.

Survey invitations can be resent to any survey participant who was invited to take the survey while the survey is open. 

Learn more about survey email notifications. 

Confidential & Attributed Surveys

For confidential surveys, you'll have the option to resend survey invitations to every participant regardless of whether they've completed the survey or not, as a measure to protect survey-taker confidentiality. 

For attributed surveys, if a participant has already completed their survey, you will not have the option to resend their survey invitation. 

Resend a Survey Invitation

To resend a survey invitation:

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Surveys & Pulses
  3. Click the icon for the corresponding survey to expand a menu of options
  4. Click Edit to open the survey creator
  5. Click and navigate to the Participants step in the survey creation process
  6. Click View in the card that indicates the number of survey participants to open the View Participants modal

  7. In the View Participants modal, select the ☐ icon for each relevant survey participant 
  8. Click Resend Invitation
Survey Invitations are sent out immediately to all selected employees unless they have already completed their survey as part of a confidential survey.

Alternatively, from the View Participants modal, click the ⋮ icon for a participant to expand a menu of additional options. Then, click Resend Invitation.