How to Publicly Display Recognition

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How to Setup a Public Recognition Display

To set up a public recognition display, click Administration in the left-hand navigation menu before clicking Recognition from the drop-down. 

Access your links under Public Feed Views by clicking the highlighted quick-copy icon on the right-hand side. Using these links, the unique sharable URLs display Recognition publicly in your office or other public areas.


There are two viewing options for displaying your recognition. Although the URLs for each view are unique, you can quickly toggle between the two views in the top-left-hand corner.

Ticker Display View

This view highlights a single instance of recognition at a time on a 20-second interval. The display will cycle through the 15 most recent posts. 


Card View

This view displays a grid of your most recent posts and refreshes every 30 seconds. The number of posts displayed varies based on the size of the display screen.


Note: If you want to refresh your public recognition link for any reason, click the "Request New Security Key", and send us a message asking for a new one.

How to Setup a Public Recognition Stream on a TV or Common-area Display


  1. Get your Public URL:  First, reach out to your account Administrator. They should already have your organization's public link. If you're not sure who that is, click the chat icon or email our support team to identify your Administrator. 
  2. Find a web-enabled Display: You'll need a display with an internet connection. That might be a SmartTV with an embedded browser or maybe your display is connected to an external computer or device that supplies the internet.  
  3. Link to Your Public URL: Type your URL into the browser on your display.

How to Setup a Public Recognition Stream on your intranet (via an iFrame)

Some of our clients use intranet software like Sharepoint by Microsoft or Confluence by Atlassian.  Many intranets allow you to set up iFrame widgets to display external content from the web.  While each will differ, the fundamentals are the same:

  1. Create an iFrame on your intranet
  2. Point your iFrame at your public recognition URL

The screenshots below are a couple of examples of recognition displayed via an iFrame in Confluence (with help from a bit of custom inline styling). You will need to set the height and width attributes in your HTML format.  If you run into trouble, reach out to us and we'll do our best to help.



Note for SharePoint users: When the recognition board automatically refreshes, it takes over the entire site. To avoid this, add "TVNoRfresh" to your public link, as in this example:{YourKeyHere}

The recognition board will need to be manually refreshed in SharePoint. This can only be used with the Recognition Ticker.

How to Setup a Filtered Recognition Stream for a Department or Location

For organizations using custom employee demographics like location or department, you can filter your recognition stream by extending your public recognition URL. 

The final URL will resemble the following image:

5 v3-1

Here's how to customize your URL to display specific Recognition posts:

  1. Add &filters=Group=Name to your Public URL
    1. Group refers to the demographic Group, e.g. Location, Department, etc. 
    2. Name refers to the demographic Name, e.g. Dallas, Sales, etc. 
  2. Multiple filters can be combined by separating each filter with, "|"
    1. for example, to display Recognition for the Dallas office's Sales team, the URL would include: &filters=location=dallas|department=sales

Note: if your demographic group or name contains special characters, you might need to replace them in your URL. Here are a few common special characters and how to handle them:

  • Spaces in URLs can be represented with, "%20". Ee.g. Client Success can be written in the URL as client%20success
  • The equal sign in URLs can be represented with, "%26". E.g. R&D can be written in the URL as &filters=department=r%26d 

Learn more about other special characters and how they can be translated into URLs

How to Display Recognition Full-Screen without a Public URL

Note: If your Administrator has not or cannot share your public recognition URL, you can still get to a full-screen display of your recognition feed by following these steps:

1. Log in to Quantum Workplace from the screen where you'd like to display the feed.

2. Navigate to Recognition

3. Click the Full-Screen button in the upper right-hand corner of the Recognition page. 

4. Your recognition will display in a grid that will refresh automatically.