How to Nudge Someone to Update a Goal

Individually nudge Goal Owners and Contributors to update a goal.

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Goal Owners and Contributors can be nudged individually to update progress on the shared goal. 

Nudged users are sent an email notification that navigates users to the Goal Details page to update the goal. The nudge email notification can be customized with a personalized message for additional context or instruction. 

How to Nudge a Goal Owner/ Contributor 

To nudge a Goal Owner or Contributor: 

  1. Click a goal and navigate to the Goal Details page
  2. Click the user's associated icon
  3. Click Nudge
  4. Optionally, enter a custom message in the field to be delivered to the user via an email notification
  5. Click Send Nudge

Nudge Email Notification

Nudged users receive the following email notification:

This email example does not include any custom message.