How to Nudge Participants of a 1-on-1

As an employee or manager, you can nudge the person you are having a 1-on-1 conversation with to remind them to share or finalize their portion of the 1-on-1 via your 1-on-1s Home Page. To nudge the person you're meeting with, click the action menu (the three dots) at end of the row that includes your 1-on-1 and select Nudge [Employee Name]

This will send an email notification and a bell alert to your coworker to let them know that you have nudged them to complete their 1-on-1. 

You can also nudge all participants who haven't started, shared, or finalized their 1-on-1s at the same time. Click the Nudge button on the right and select whether you would like to nudge the 1-on-1 participants who have not started their 1-on-1, haven't shared their 1-on-1, or haven't finalized their 1-on-1.