How to Nudge 1-on-1 Participants

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As a 1-on-1 user, you can nudge your 1-on-1 partner as a reminder for them to share or finalize their portion of the 1-on-1. 

When a 1-on-1 participant receives a nudge, they are sent an in-app bell alert and an email notification.

How to Nudge  Individual 1-on-1 Participants

To nudge your 1-on-1 partner: 

  1. Navigate to the 1-on-1s home page
  2. Click the icon for the corresponding 1-on-1
  3. Click Nudge [Employee Name] from the drop-down


How to Bulk Nudge 1-on-1 Participants

Bulk nudges are available to nudge all participants who have yet to start, share, or finalize their 1-on-1s. 

To bulk nudge 1-on-1 participants:

  1. Navigate to the 1-on-1s home page
  2. Click the Bulk Actions drop-down button
  3. Select the appropriate bulk nudge option

Nudge Email Example

The following image is the email sent to nudge recipients: