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How to Monitor and Modify your HRIS Integration

How your HRIS Integration Works 

Once your HRIS integration with Quantum Workplace is established, our system will automatically check your SFTP site for a new file of employee information every day (or on the cadence specified by your team.) If a new file is detected, Quantum Workplace will update your employee information with the data included in the new file. 

How to Modify your HRIS Integration

Adding or removing which types of demographics are provided in your HRIS integration (e.g. adding or removing Division as a demographic) requires coordination with your Customer Success Manager. If you team intends to add or remove demographics from your employee data file, please contact your CSM before your internal team changes to the file. To include new demographics, please add those demographics to new columns at the end of your file. 

How to Check your HRIS Integration History

You can easily check on your HRIS integration history to view what information has been updated
from within the Administration section of your Quantum Workplace account. From Administration, click Integrations and then select HRIS/HRMS. 

From this screen you can view your integration history: 

Each row on this page represents a date that your HRIS integration was updated using the file that was shared to your SFTP site. The most recent file will be listed at the top of the screen and you can scroll down to see older updates. You can click on any file in order to download and view it. 

The Users Updated column displays the number of users who were included in the file. Any newly added users (e.g. new hires) will be labeled as New, while any users who had been included in a prior file will be listed as Modified (regardless of whether the demographic values for that user changed.)

The Errors Found column to the right displays the number of errors, if any, that were detected in the file. For any date that includes errors, you can click Details to download a list of the errors into Excel.