How to Manage Team Goals

Team Goal Owners can decide who is a member of their team goal and what permissions those team goal members should have.

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How to Add Team Members to a Goal
Default Permissions for Team Members
How to Edit Permissions for Team Members

How to Add Team Members to a Goal

Team goal owners can either add a particular demographic (e.g. department, squad, etc.) as team members to their goal or they can specify that either their direct reports or all members of their downline should be added as team member to the goal.

When creating a goal, the team goal owner specifies this on the Goal Users tab:

Alternatively, team goal owners can add team members to any open goal from the goal detail page by clicking the Members tab and then selecting the edit (pen and paper) icon:

Once either a demographic or the goal users' direct reports or downline have been added to a team goal, everyone who belongs to that group will be considered a team member of that goal. 

Default Permissions for Team Members

The default setting is for every team member has the ability to update the goal's progress. For Public Team Goals (but not Restricted team goals), team members also have the ability to add and remove goal contributors and followers by default. 

How to Edit Team Goal Permissions

The Goal Owner of a Team Goal can update these settings to remove the permissions that all team members have. Please note that any changes made will only impact people who have been added to the team goal by demographic; these changes do not impact the permissions that goal contributors or goal followers have. 

To update team members' permissions for a goal that you own, first locate the goal from your Goals Home page and click on it to open the detailed view of the goal. 

From the Goals Detail page, click the Members tab: 

Then, click the Edit icon (pen and paper) to update permissions for team goals: 

For Public team goals, you can remove the option for team members to post goal updates, to add goal users, or to modify goal users (e.g. switch whether someone is a goal contributor or goal follower or remove goal contributors and followers).

For Restricted team goals, you an remove the option for team members to post goal updates. You can also give team members the ability to add or modify goal users; these options are disabled for team members of restricted goals by default. 

Once you have made the edits to the permissions, click Save. Team members permissions will be updated within a few minutes.