How to Manage Feedback


  • The Basics
  • Archive a Feedback Session
  • Find and Filter Feedback
  • Delete a Feedback Session

The Basics

The Feedback screen is divided into 3 "folders":

  1. Inbox contains all your open and active Feedback sessions
  2. Archived contains all Feedback sessions that you've archived
  3. All Feedback contains all your Feedback (i.e. Inbox + Archived) PLUS, if you're a manager, all Feedback for your downline reports

Important: Archiving a Feedback session only archives it for you -- your decision to archive a Feedback session does not cause that session to be archived for other people.

Archive a Feedback Session

There are a few ways to archive your Feedback:

  1. From your Feedback Inbox, select the checkbox next to any Feedback session you want to archive. Then click the "Archive" button. (Pro tip: you can select all by clicking the top checkbox!) Within a Feedback session, you can click Actions > Archive Feedback

  2. From within an individual Feedback session, click the drop down menu in the top right corner and select Archive: 

    There are a couple reasons a Feedback session will move back to your Inbox:

  1. If you unarchive it!  Similar to the way you archived it (either from inside the Feedback Session or from Archived) except now your Unarchiving the 1-on-1.
  2. If a feedback provider shares feedback or adds comments, the conversation will move back to your Inbox.
  3. If someone comments on feedback you've given, the conversation will move back to your Inbox.

How to Find a Feedback Session

On the right hand side of your Feedback home page, there are search fields you can use to find all feedback sessions associated with a particular person, a particular demographic (attribute), or a particular cycle.

Delete a Feedback Session

If you initiated a feedback session, you are able to delete it